Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence - Essay Example

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Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence (University) Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Introduction With the growth in technology, the world of crime has kept pace too. Criminals today are tech savvy persons who update themselves with all the latest developments in the field of science in general and the cyber world in particular…
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Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence
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"Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence"

Download file to see previous pages This essay looks at the concept from the security viewpoint. “Social Engineering is defined as the process of deceiving people into giving away access or confidential information” (Social Engineering Defined). Hackers, identity thieves, information brokers, disgruntled employees etc. are examples of social engineers. Dr. Max Kilger, co-author of the Honeynet Project identifies the motivators for non-ethical computer activity which can also be applied to social engineering; these are money, entertainment, ego, cause, entrance into a social group and status within that social group (Typical Goals of a Social Engineer). Counter Intelligence To a layman, counterintelligence would mean the opposite of intelligence seen from the security angle. “Counterintelligence (CI) can be defined as information gathered and activities conducted to identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt, or protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons, or their agents, or international terrorist organizations or activities” (Office Of Counterintelligence, 2011). Implications to National Security New age threats of different kinds according to Car and Musladin (2013) pose a challenge to national security. These are explained below. A few such challenges like terrorism, organized crime, and activism with a negative face are considered here. Terrorism is one of the dreaded scourges that affect national security. As Car and Musladin explain, terrorists actively use the internet to network and carry out physical attacks on nations, who even own up to terror acts on the internet. Organized Crime cannot be far behind. The use of the internet ensures that people at the higher echelons of a terror network go unapprehended and remain free to plan further terror strikes. All sorts of fraud take place by cheating unsuspecting victims. The defrauding of banks and other financial institutions can lead to the destabilization of the economy. According to Car and Musladin, activism with a negative face also finds voice on the internet. This can shape and build public opinion. Unfortunately, it can provoke the masses as they can be manipulated by touching raw nerves. On the other end of the spectrum, the internet is also the stage of revolutions and protests. The Arab Spring is an instance of a revolution that took the help of digital media. When mainstream media is muffled or does not offer any succor, it is such media which become the voice of the public and leads to revolutions. Importance of Sound Information Workforce It is of utmost importance that a sound information workforce is maintained. The workforce should be aware of and alert about their work environment at all times. They should be sensitized to the value of the data being handled by them. Only an aware workforce can secure its data. Social engineering also poses a grave threat to security. The key to preventing this would be a transparent communication system at all times. Impersonation and identity thefts can be reduced to a large extent with a structured communication system. At times, the workforce can sense patterns and peculiarities in routine activities. Hence, corrective action can be taken before further damage occurs. Finally, it is always best to strike at the roots. Any fool proof system to be designed for security is best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Among the main social engineering techniques identified by anti-virus providers such as McAfee and Avira as the methods for disabling target networks include 'spear phishing' emails, which are customized to appear as if from trustworthy sources (Kiountouzis & Kokolakis, 2011).
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