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 Adoption of New Technology Systems Name: Institution:       Adoption of New Technology Systems Change is an essential element of constant quality improvement. In healthcare, there has been acknowledgment of the need for a change in the system to promote the delivery of quality and safe care (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012)…
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Assignment: Application: Adoption of New Technology Systems
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Download file to see previous pages According to him, people are largely concerned with relative advantage, compatibility with existing values and practices, simplicity, trialability, and observable results (Rogers, 2003). The nurses will be the most critical barrier, supporter, risk, and resource when implementing the new electronic health records system. First, I will communicate to the nurse about the new electronic health records system. This will play a significant part in ensuring there is relative advantage. This is because the nurse adopting the new electronic health records system will have the opportunity to see how the new innovation will be an improvement over the conventional way of recording health information. Initial consultation and communication with the nurses, while the change implementation is still in the planning phase, will help in getting the nurses involved and ready to play a part in the change process (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012). This will also make them have a sense of possession of the project and a fascination in its success. Second, I will make sure that the nurses have varying degrees of involvement in the project. This will guarantee compatibility with current practices and values of the organization. ...
I will also give them abundant information relating to the goals of the change and the significance of being involved in predicting problems and establishing resolutions (Boswell, 2011). Third, I will introduce motivational aspects of the new electronic health records system. This will ensure the change will be more successful because the nurses will believe it will upgrade things. I will promote discussion and debate about the significance for change. Also, this will ensure simplicity as nurses will believe they can effortlessly master the new electronic health records system. It has also been argued that the more intricate understanding the new system seems, the more the resistance from the adopters. Fourth, I will use a small trial of the proposed new electronic health records system on the nurses that are eager to play a part. This addresses the element of trialability. The nurses will have a chance to try out the new electronic health records system and investigate its capacities. Using nurses who are passionate about implementing the new electronic health records system will enhance its chances of being successful and pave the way for a decisive larger rollout (Page, 2011). Finally, I will share the results of the new electronic health records system with the nurses. This will address the component of observable results. The nurses will have proof that the proposed new electronic health records system has succeeded in other circumstances. Presenting the conclusive package incorporating all the details of the project to the nurses will play a significant part in implementing the new electronic health records system. On the other hand, nurses also play a part as change agents in facilitating the adoption of the new electronic health records ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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