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Leon Battista Alberti - Essay Example

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Role of Alberti Leon Battista in Linear Perspective Institution Leon Battista Alberti was the first person to demonstrate a better theory in the field of art. His theory used mathematical science to help painters translate three-dimensional world into two-dimensional surface of canvasknown as the picture plane…
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Leon Battista Alberti
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Extract of sample "Leon Battista Alberti"

Download file to see previous pages During the times Alberti introduced the idea of linear perspective, many other people could write a treatise about the upcoming work of art (Peter, 2007). Fortunately, he was the only fully equipped to manage the work than anyone else in the time. He had the passion for art and device of words which most of his associatesneeded. He brought a familiarity and logical baggage to the task, which was essentially giving utterances to the rules covering his new art and convinced all clienteles and artists that the art was worth taking. Alberti’s thinking that his theory and other works of those times could be precised as knowledge comes from sensory insights (Alberti, 1966). The sensory perception used in comparison with others and in relation to human being to make conclusions (Honour & Fleming, 2002). The conclusions made, approved, and applied by use of mathematics. In his theory mostly made use of, joints of pyramids with image surface, comparativetrios and side view for foreshortening while testing with diagonal and the use of street as locus. Alberti was concerned with filmicentrances since person’s knowledge relies on sensualfacts. The fact that most solid bodies have a skin, Alberti was also concerned with the play of shades through the surface of an entity. Once these observations are, made conclusionsusing comparison since with it there is a power that illustrates within entities that are less or equal (Martin, 2003). Alberti believed that, man, nature, and mathematics are parts of one thing and that man uses mathematics to comprehend and regulate nature. In his theory, mathematics is a solutions not an end as the theory is more of appearance that reality. As Alberti is concerned, mathematics used to control the data used in art and the painting by itself. In his theory, he advocates for fertility and diversity of color codesand presumes the same variety of man positions and engagements. He says that good work of art has to consist of all sorts of living things including human beings of all ages and both male and female. He has not set formulae to guide the artist, but has put the obligation for the result in the artist’s hands. His approach of the use and the easy way of changing three-dimension world into two-dimension has helped many artist in their work and has been adopted by many across the world (Alberti, 1966). Alberti claims that a point is symbol that cannot split into several parts because it can be located on a plane and visible. He further explains how points joined to form a line and how these lines joined in rows to make a plane. A plane is known by its length and breadth and if need be the quality. Some plane qualities cannot change without changing the plane while others are due to visual effects and seems to change to the viewer even as the plane remains unchanged. A plane changes its name and shape when either its angles or lines are changed. By making angles either more acute or obtuse and shortening or lengthening the lines will completely change the plane. Alberti further explains other qualities of a plane that lie on the surface of a plane. There are two other qualities according to Alberti which although seems to change the plane, it is not actually changed (Stockstad, 2004). This depends on the power of sight as explained above, when the distance between an object and the eye changes, the object seems to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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