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Software Engendering - Assignment Example

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Computer Software Characteristics of Agile Development Method and Extreme Programming The agile development method comprises of multiple characteristics. The first characteristic is that the entire process greatly reduces the cost of making changes in the software that is being designed…
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Software Engendering
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, it can be stated that the fact that this kind of a development method helps the customers to select the next set of releases by pinpointing on the most valuable features (often called stories) while analyzing them on the basis of cost factors plays a major role in reducing the time period required for development (Beck 71). The fourth characteristic of this kind of a development method is the fact that the larger project can be divided in to multiple smaller assignments and can be handled individually by the various team members in a very short time span. Another very important characteristic is the fact that this kind of a development method has an iteration step, the main goal of which is to produce the new stories that have been already tested. Types of software that can be developed by using the agile development and extreme programming method While trying to identify the software that can be developed by implementing an agile development, the focus needs to be given on the nature of operations that are associated with this development method. It has to be mentioned that this kind of a development requires continuous engagement as well as participation of the client (Fowler, “Is Design Dead”). ...
The continuous interaction of the client with the developers as well as the need to develop the projects in a very short time span will greatly help in implementing and following this kind of a development method. Apart from outsourced projects, this kind of extreme programming as well as agile development method can be followed in-house project developments for SME organizations where the requirements are not properly defined (Beck, 1999, p. 77). Comparing agile development method with Waterfall model It needs to be highlighted that the waterfall model comprises four different and very important steps like analysis, design, implementation as well as test. The waterfall model requires a proper planning of the entire processes. Each of the four important stages of the waterfall model is very time consuming in nature. It also needs to be stated that since the entire process is very stringent in nature, the ability to make any incremental changes in the development process of the software is very low. The long development cycles of the waterfall model makes it very y harmful for the entire developing team as it unnecessarily blocks the required amount of resources. In comparing the waterfall model with that of the agile development method, it can be stated that the agile development method is highly flexible in nature. Also, the entire development time can be reduced in a great manner under the agile development model. Comparing agile development method with Iterative model In elaborating about the iterative model, it can be stated that the model follows similar stages as compared to that of the waterfall model. However, the time consumption in the process of project development is relatively shorter as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Software Engendering Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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