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Develop business aptitude skills including communication, presentation, and leadership abilities - Assignment Example

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Develop Business Aptitude Skills Including Communication, Presentation, And Leadership Abilities Q1. Analyze The Problem Presented By The Client. Can Their Problems Be Re-Presented As Opportunities? The potential problems identified in the case were the possibilities of threats that were perceived from the different competitors in the market…
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Develop business aptitude skills including communication, presentation, and leadership abilities
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Download file to see previous pages However, the client wonder if another software making company comes out with more efficient and software product that can prove to deliver cut throat competition for the client. Furthermore, the client is extremely concerned that the competitors may develop software or application capable to test the cell phone signal strengths provided by different carriers such as AT & T Sprint and Verizon among others in specific building sites. The client fears that this application which might be developed by the competitors could be efficient enough to determine the need for rooftop antenna and signal re-amplification for the workers inside the building to receive calls in their cell phones. Contextually, the primary problem anticipated by the client is the threat from the competitors in terms of product imitation and innovation that might reduce the market competiveness of the client’s software. It is also feared that the competitors’ application may render more efficient services to customers which may ultimately reduce the demand for the client’s product. However, the above identified problem can be well rationalized as opportunities for growth for the client, as it will give him the opportunity to compete with his/her rivals with constant innovations in terms of technologies. Q2: Formalize Four Objectives for the Project Based on the level of threats and the problematic issues that are drawn by the client, the primary objectives of the project were to advise him to effectively to manage and deal with these challenges in order to remain competitive at the marketplace. These objectives were also directed towards increasing the competency level and revenue generating capability for the client’s product. The four broad objectives of the project are revealed below. Firstly, the project intended to suggest the effective marketing plan including role of promotion in demand creation to client in order to attract large base of customers towards his/her software product Secondly, the project aim at emphasizing the importance of monitoring the performance and the marketing activities of competitors for the client in order to outpace the competitors Thirdly, the project envisioned to identify and acquaint the client with the importance of continuous innovation in the technology oriented business Lastly, the project aimed at assisting client with the ways of increasing revenue and market reach (Wickham & Wickham, 2008). Q3: Consider What Problems Might Emerge in Reconciling the Client’s Objectives with Your Own as A Consulting Team From the perspective of a consulting team, there are various issues that may arise while making efforts for accomplishing such broad objectives. It can be affirmed that the accomplishment of these objectives requires considerable planning and effective execution. Accordingly, there may arise numerous issues relating to development of a market plan and involving various marketing and advertisement activities. Contextually, it can be admitted that for carrying out these activities the client may require to make considerable investment. Also, it will prove to be a problematic for the client to monitor the performances and various activities that are undertaken by the competitors. Correspondingly, this will require the client to gather considerable data regarding the competitors which may be time consuming and cumbersome tasks (Pfeffer, 1995). Additionally, creating a competitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Develop business aptitude skills including communication, presentation, and leadership abilities

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