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Computer applications in management - Essay Example

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Computer applications in management Name Instructor Institution Date The growth of technology within the world is rapidly growing and is embraced by the majority ranging from the young to the old. The group that has highly given rise to this comprises the youths…
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Computer applications in management
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Download file to see previous pages Social networking sites include Facebook,,, Live Journal, MySpace,, Liked In among others have cropped on the Internet for the past few years. Social networking services can facilitate learning and skill development outside formal learning environments and especially for the youths below 25 in Australia through support brought about by peer to peer learning of skills and knowledge, diverse cultural expression, collaboration, skill development within the working area (Ito et al, 2006; Jenkin, 2007, cited by Palfrey, 2008, p7 cited by Collin, Rahilly, Richardson and Third, 2011). These sites play key roles in youth culture as they give youth space and a place to hang out amongst themselves, where they share cultural artifacts. Most of these sites enable young people to flirt, post pictures, share videos, creative artwork and also meeting new people. They connect students from different schools across the nation (Barnes 2006). Young people pour their minds, into these social networking sites in order clear their heads, show their thoughts and get feedback from their peers (Hoang 2006 cited in Barnes 2006). Social networking services foster a strong sense of community and belonging which has the potential to promote resilience, that helps young people to adapt to change and also stressful events (Collin, Rahilly, Richardson and Third, 2011, p7). ...
Boys, who are reluctant when discussing their feelings, tend to benefit more than girls from this effect (Farrer 2009). University of Minnesota conducted a study last year using social media which revealed improved technology and communication skills boosted creativity and exposed students to new views. This activity has taught students on editing content, designing and also encouraged the production and sharing of poetry, art, photographs, video content etc. This improves on students resulting to better performance in exams (Farrer 2009). These sites create a central repository of personal information. As American adults are concentrating on how the government and other organizations are collecting data regarding its citizens as teenagers freely give up their personal and private information in their social media. School officials, government agencies, marketers and online predators can collect data about youths through online teenage diaries. We can conclude these by saying adults are more concerned about the invasion of privacy while youths are freely giving up personal information. This occurs mainly because youths are unaware of the public nature of the Internet (Barnes 2006). Whereas adults argue that some certain information like that may lead to hacking of one’s account. However, formal communication is not vanishing. As social networking is displacing other forms of online communication to some degree such as email, chartrooms among others incorporates others like blogging, music downloading, and instant messaging and remediates yet more notably, face to face and phone communications (Bolter and Grusin, 1999; Jenkins, 2006 cited in Livingstone 2008, p395). To sum up on the benefits, Social Networking Services constitute new spaces for civic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Applications in Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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