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Introduction According to Sterling (1993) definition, “The Hacker Crackdown”, the term “hacking” is the act of intruding into computer systems by stealth and without permission.” The word hacker is highly used by computer programmers because hackers are able to crack the codes in the programming language…
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Hacker Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Hackers may also block the public from logging in to the site hence the revenue details would be inaccessible. This study will focus on hacker’s motivation, their personality, and action. Personality of a potential hacker Potential hackers are people suspected to have intent to circumventing through a computer’s security system for their own personal gain. They may include students, employees, activists, and criminals among others. Normally, the potential hackers have an intention to access the information from Wisconsin department of revenue for commercial purposes. From a psychological view, hackers may be bitter about the unemployment rates in the society or they may be people with an exploration mind. Hackers use vulnerability scanners, password cracking software, packet sniffer software and spoofing attach to enter a system. However, due to the development in technology, such hackers can be identified by recently developed software. Such software is able to identify any unusual activity in the site hence blocking it (Gayle, 1971). Motivation of hackers Wish to make illegal money by stealing Hackers are people with an intention of making an extra income from conning and swindling online businesspersons. By use of their ability to access secured systems, they are able to access important information for example credit cards data, bank details, identity and various other types of information. With such information, they create rogue accounts which they can use to purchase, borrow advance salary, withdraw cash etc. In case hacker accesses information from Wisconsin department of revenue, the government would loss taxes. The hacker would be able to change the income tax values of companies hence making such companies pay small revenue to the government (Jerome, 1986). This would lead to loss of taxes by the government. These unscrupulous individuals always pay these hackers and companies who need to evade paying taxes. Therefore the money they earn acts as motivation to hacking. Intention to use other people’s ideas The intellectual property rights guide intellectual property. The legal systems of different countries have been designed to provide protection against use of other people’s ideas. However, the hackers are able to access such ideas and present them as their own. The information may include innovations, new formulas, and important research. New ideas and plans of Wisconsin revenue department stay at risk if a hacker has access to their files. Through the intention to use the ideas of other people, hackers are motivated to struggle and circumvent a computer’s security system. Intention to reveal industrial secrets Every business keeps records and files away from the public. Their records remain a deep secret that is only supposed to be accessed by authorized persons only. Such secrets include the marketing policies, the purchasing policies, and company’s plans. In addition, it may include illegal business activities used for the benefit of the company. The competitors are guarded from accessing these secrets as way of safeguarding the benefit and future prosperity of the company in the market. Hackers are therefore motivated to work hard and ensure that such vital data is available to the public or to specific competitors (Gu, 2010). Moreover, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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