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Project Paper: Operating Systems: Hardening and Security - Research Proposal Example

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Operating Systems: Hardening and Security Course Operating Systems: Hardening and Security Introduction NextGard technologies specialize in a number of network consulting services and are as a result faced with a number of network security vulnerabilities and risks…
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Project Paper: Operating Systems: Hardening and Security
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Download file to see previous pages With regard to the nature of services offered by the company, ensuring information security is critically important as it will not only protect the organization from risks and threats of malicious access but will also enhance the reliability and confidentiality of the company’s current network system. To upgrade its current network into a secure system, NextGard technologies will have to implement a number of policies and guidelines. As a Security professional hired by NextGard technologies to help provide their windows security implementation model for their organization, I will recommend a number of changes in the organization’s current network system some of which include the adoption of appropriate Microsoft Windows access controls, use of cryptography methods as well as a number of prevention techniques and countermeasures for thwarting the risks posed by malicious codes such as worms, viruses and Trojan horses among other related malicious codes. Windows access control is particularly an integral component of the entire network security used by NextGard technologies and it directly affects the organizations information security, Integrity, confidentiality and availability. ...
rols The fact that all employees at NextGard technologies have internet access and are free to browse the web significantly increase the vulnerability of the organizations network system to the risks of malicious access by exposing its information to a number of serious security threats. According to Microsoft Corporation (2005), Microsoft windows access controls is a collection of security management technologies that can be used by organizations like NextGard technologies to access various management solutions as well as mitigate the information security vulnerabilities and threats to their network system. Throughout its district offices in five countries, NextGard technologies uses a mix of computers running on various versions of windows such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Access controls are not used to effectively protect an organizations information system from unauthorized access but are also important in the facilitation of legitimate and seamless utilization of the information technology resources. The three main tenets of Microsoft access controls include Authentication, authorization as well as accounting. In the context of organizational information security of NextGard technologies, the organization should upgrade its current network security through a number of authentication techniques. Authentication simply refers to the process of verifying the users accessing the network of the organization to prevent unauthorized access. This can particularly be achieved through implementing a number of strategies such as the use of passwords, digital certificates, biometrics and smart cards when logging onto the organizations network. To improve the security of its networks across all its five district offices, the organization should implement strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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