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Information Security in Wireless Local Area Networks Faculty Name Your Name Subject Name/ Code Date Abstract Rapid growth of wireless communication has become a common in the enterprises. Now wireless local area networks (WLANs) applications are installed easier than earlier applications…
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Information security in wireless local area networks
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"Information security in wireless local area networks"

Download file to see previous pages Man in the Middle (MitM) is a real information security concern for the Wireless Local Area Networks. In the MitM attack, address of the proxy server changes with any fake address and hacks the wireless network in the form of traffic tunnelling, proxy attack, DNS poisoning, and rout mangling. This paper also outlined the solution of the major information security issues through the development of the techniques and protocols. Alloy model is the core focus in this paper, which contains the written code. Execution of this code is verified whether it met the expected function. Development of these techniques and protocols is aimed to ensure the data integrity and security. C# is the core programming language for the client side and PHP programming is used for the server side. Model checking involved the testing of the written features of the application in terms of verification of the descriptions. Static analysis, deductive verification, dynamic analysis and software model checking are the best examples of technology, which use the theorem proving for the validity of verification. Information Security in Wireless Local Area Networks Summary and Conclusion Introductory chapter of thesis narrates the aims and objectives of the work, and describes the structure of the thesis. This early chapter is focused on the Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), which is the biggest segment in the Wireless products’ market. Wireless Local Area Networks facilitates the communication and computing in spatial domains including the enterprises, hospitals, offices and campuses. In these environments, WLAN expands and complements the coverage in the existing networks. There are three main objectives behind the information security for the wireless networks such as the data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Data Integrity; It is ensured that no data or information has been modified. Confidentiality; It is ensured that nobody other than receiver can see or read the information. Availability; It ensures the availability of information needed at any time. The second chapter of this thesis work has been on the history and background of the study. This chapter describes the ways of the wireless detection using when data packets pass through the Network Interface Card (NIC). Managed and “rfmon” modes of data transferring through NIC are stated. The function of the Kismet has been specified when data packets pass through the NIC and saved in the file named as “pcap”. Beacon frame is most wanted for the sniffer that contains the information about sniffing operation. Data sending and receiving over the WLANs need the connection with Access Points. The requirements of the encryption protocol for the data encryption of the beacon frame are also realized in this part of the thesis. A hacker attacks the wireless network and selects a wireless channel from where it attacks the network. Hacker uses the two probing techniques such as active and passive. NetStumbler tools works as active probing and receives the Service Set Identifies (SSID) and host information. An active probe detects the access points in scope of hackers’ transmission. Passive Probing technique is used to drop the data packets over a channel and neither data receiver nor the data sender can detect the attacker’s presence. Surveillance is a passive technique that a hacker uses to capture the data traffic over a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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