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Key Technology Trends That Raise Ethical Issues - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the technology trends that raise ethical issues. The use of information technology is aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of a business, but the illegal or ineffective use of information technology causes a wide variety of ethical and security concerns…
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Key Technology Trends That Raise Ethical Issues
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Download file to see previous pages This paper presents an overview of ethical concerns that are caused by the information technology. The information technology brings about a number of ethical, social, and political issues. Additionally, ethical issues consist of both political and social issues. For instance, at present, customer service has turned out to be one of the most important organizational tasks or services which engender a large number of ethical challenges and issues. In many cases, the lack of education and training in the subject of internet use has made a large number of individuals to take part in activities that question their ethics. This paper will present an overview of key technology trends that raise various ethical issues. Basically, ethics is a set of rules and principles that tell the individual whether they are wrong or right, acting as free of charge ethical agents, from which people draw guidance while making decisions to direct their actions and behaviors. Without a doubt, the information technology (IT) has brought wonderful advantages and opportunities to business organizations as well as individuals. It has modernized and revolutionized all the fields of life. However, at the same time it has caused a wide variety of ethical issues for individuals, business organizations and cultures for the reason that they open new horizons for strong societal change, and as a result intimidate offered distributions of authority, capital, privileges, and responsibilities. In addition, similar to any other technologies, for instance, electricity, steam engines, the telephone, fax machine and the radio, information technology can be utilized to accomplish social development; on the other hand, it can also be used by the bad people to carry out illegal activities. For instance, they can use it to threaten cherished social values and commit crimes. In this scenario, the advancements in information technology will create advantages and opportunities for a large number of businesses and individuals as well as expenses for others. In addition, information technology has given a great deal more pressure to ethical issues through the developments in the Internet, electronic commerce (e-Commerce) and electronic business (e-Business). It is an admitted fact that the Internet and other similar digital technologies make it easier for the bad people to bring together, integrate, and dispense their criminal activities. Some of the cases that can cause various ethical issues and concerns can include misuse of data and information, giving a free rein to new concerns regarding the suitable utilization of customers’ information, the security of individual privacy, and the protection of intellectual property and rights. Sometimes, the staff members of an organization having extraordinary skills and knowledge can deceive IT resources and business systems by using fake information and records and redirecting money at a level unbelievable in the pre-computer age. Some of the other well-known and vital ethical concerns caused by the increasing use of information technology comprise setting up responsibility for the costs of information technology and business management systems, establishing standards and measures to ensure the security of systems’ quality that ensures the security and privacy of society and individuals, and maintaining values and foundations believed to be critical to the quality of life in an information culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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