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Technology Does Wonderful Things For People But It Also Enables Them to Isolate Themselves - Research Paper Example

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Technology Does Wonderful Things for People but It Also Enables Them to Isolate Themselves Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Discussion 4 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 Introduction Technology is often regarded as a boon for mankind owing to the fact that it enriches the life of people in a society with better interacting opportunities…
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Technology Does Wonderful Things For People But It Also Enables Them to Isolate Themselves
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Extract of sample "Technology Does Wonderful Things For People But It Also Enables Them to Isolate Themselves"

Download file to see previous pages Although technology has helped in the development of the world, the recent arguments accused technology to impose certain ill-effects by isolating people restricting them to socialize. The arguments have mostly been concentrated on the grounds that people get socially isolated owing to their favoritism of game consoles or their experiences of internet bullying (“How Technology Affects Us”). Thesis Statement The discussion would emphasize on the development of technology and correspondingly on its role in causing social isolation. Stating precisely, the objective of the essay would be to evaluate the reality behind accusing technology to cause isolation among individuals in the current day context. Thus, the discussion henceforth will attempt to analyze the various advantages and limitations of technology which especially concentrates on its functions as a means of communication and a driver of globalization. Discussion Social isolation is referred to the act of developing a gap or distance between an individual and their belonging community which further results in lessened interaction of people with their surroundings. In the modern phenomenon, one frequently attributed reason for social isolation, especially among teenagers has been indicated towards the ill-effects of rapidly increasing influence of technology on modern lifestyles. It has been thus argued that people are getting immensely attached to game consoles as well as social networking sites which cause a negative impact on the society in terms of isolating individuals by limiting their reasons to interact with the outer world (Biordi & Nicholson 68-115). Conversely, from a generalized perspective, the advancement of technology has been signified to facilitate better interaction of communities throughout the world involving web services as well as mobile phones. For instance, the numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Linkedin, MySpace and Spoke are immensely popular among people today. These sites are mainly used with the purpose of interacting with people anywhere in the world which apparently presents an opposing perspective towards the criticism of technology acting as a causing factor of social isolation (“Social Networking Sites; More Harm than Good?”). However, stating for or in favor of the argued statement, human beings are revealed to get immensely attached to televisions and game consoles which restricts them from socializing within the community and their surroundings. Today, people are getting hugely immersed with technological gadgets which cause a negative impact on the socializing activities of individuals. For instance, technology advancements as video games have immensely affected the young generation as well as adults being increasingly preferred as relaxation activities by people. It is in this context that recent researches reveal playing video games continuously as well as deciphering excessive dependence on it may cause an individual to minimize interaction with their surroundings. Hence, in a way, playing excessive video games may isolate an individual from the society. It may also develop an unfavorable affect on the behavior of an individual as many games may be designed with the inclusion of violent contents. Apart from isolating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Does Wonderful Things For People But It Also Enables Them Research Paper.
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