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Club It Part 3 - Assignment Example

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Full Paper Title Name University Introduction Working as an internee at Club IT turned out to be the most substantial experience for my business career. Likewise, the owners of the club including Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys have tailored the club’s environment in to a thrilling and exciting place for work…
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Club It Part 3
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Download file to see previous pages In spite of a strong clientele, owners are always thinking innovative strategies to expand business. During my internship at the club, I have learned day to day club operations and the night as well. The report will categorize business information and demographical data along with an IT based technological solution to automate day to day operations and address issues that may arise. Moreover, the technological solution will also enhance customer experience to the next level that will portray a positive impact on overall business profitability. Business Statistics The primary objective for Club IT is to provide an exciting and desired environment for young as well as old people. The demographics for the visitors of different age groups may be between 21 years to 35 years of age. The club demonstrates a unique high energy environment with traditional dining options along with live music acts incorporated with a revolving door. A large majority of clienteles are associated with the digital age and are quite familiar with latest computing technologies. Likewise, the awareness of Information Technology in the employees and the customers will facilitate the club to deliver value. The expansion of the business will be sustainable by integrating the social environment of the customer with social networking modules integrated with the Club’s website. Moreover, the website will also provide product information, different food deals, dates of live music events all one a single graphical user interface i.e. on a website. The website must be designed to demonstrate dynamic information, as it will maintain interest for the online visitors. As the owners seek opportunities for improving the business model of the club on a continual basis, they are now showing interest for enhancing business operations via acquisition of information systems. Likewise, these information systems will be utilized for automating several business functions including finance, human resource and marketing. Moreover, the purchases and deliverables can be monitored and tracked from different vendors associated with supply chain management. Currently, the club is already providing intranet services to the employees. Intranet demonstrates many advantages, as it provides a robust communication platform that can be utilized easily. Likewise, scheduled work hours and calculated wages can be computed on week to week basis. However, a storage medium i.e. a database is required for storing the required information. Moreover, if strategically aligned with the business strategy, the system can also address the future expansion and workload management of day to day operations of the Club. New Requirements The new plan empowered with IT enabled services will enhance customer experience in the club. Likewise, one of the prime features of these services will be a Wireless hotspot, as it will provide Internet access within the premises. These services will portray impact on business and will help the club to host corporate events. After the introduction of corporate events, food and drink requirements will increment. Moreover, with the help of wireless Internet, customer will use online club IT portals to order food and drinks. As the service time will be decreased, staff productivity will automatically augment. Consequently, a robust communication with the staff will be achievable, as the customers can easily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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