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VIRTUAL REALITY Virtual Reality Author Author Affiliation Date Table of Contents VIRTUAL REALITY 1 Virtual Reality 1 Author 1 Introduction 3 History of Virtual Reality 3 What is Virtual Realty 5 Prerequisite for Virtual Realty Experience 6 Essential Element 6 Hardware and Software Needed 7 Architecture of Virtual Reality 8 Types of Virtual Reality 9 Applications of VR 9 Ethics of Virtual Reality 10 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Virtual Reality (VR) is a latest emerging trend which makes use of the growing power of computers to demonstrate real-world and artificial situations and environments with extensive practicality and interaction…
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IT - Virtual Reality
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"IT - Virtual Reality"

Download file to see previous pages In view of the fact that it involves so many factors, hence it took a lot of time and efforts to build it what it is nowadays. In addition, the virtual reality is yet a great deal hyped term that carries people to consider on the eternal virtues of this rising technology and paradigm. However, with the passage of time we are observing a lot of real implementations of virtual reality appearing into life (VRS, 2009). This paper presents a detailed overview of virtual reality. In this scenario, this research will cover a lot of aspects which are related to virtual reality such as its history, its associated elements and advantages. History of Virtual Reality The idea of virtual reality has always been in under construction and optional for many years, even though the public simply became aware of it in the early 90s. Basically, the history of virtual reality can be traced back in the mid 50s; when Morton Heilig who was a cinematographer imagined a theatre experience that would excite all his audiences’ senses, catching them into the stories more efficiently. For this purpose, he constructed a single client console in the 60s, which is known as the Sensorama that incorporated fans, a stereoscopic display, stereo speakers, odor emitters and a moving chair. In addition, he as well invented a head-mounted TV to allow the people to watch TV in 3-D. In this scenario, users were passive viewers of the films, however a lot of Heilig’s ideas have discovered their way in the VR field (Strickland, 2012). After that Philco Corporation engineers developed the primary HMD in 1961 that is known as Headsight. The helmet comprised a video screen and tracking system that engineers connected to a high-tech closed circuit camera system. They projected the HMD for utilizing in hazardous situations; a user could watch a real situation remotely, connected to the camera angle through turning his head. In 1965, a computer scientist Ivan Sutherland visualized what he named as Ultimate Display. This Ultimate Display allowed the people to look into a virtual world that would come into view as a real world the user lived in. This idea directed almost all the developments within the areas of virtual reality (Strickland, 2012). In 1966, Sutherland built an HMD that was connected to a computer system. In this scenario, the computer was used to offer all the graphics for display. He used a deferment system to grip the HMD, as it was very heavy for a person to support comfortably. In addition, the HMD was able to show images in stereo, offering the delusion of depth, and it could as well follow the user’s head activities so that the field of sight would change suitably as the user looked about (Strickland, 2012). What is Virtual Realty Basically, the term Virtual Reality can be utilized in different scenarios with a lot of definitions. For instance, the majority of people consider VR as a specific set of tools and technologies such as a Glove Input Device, Head Mounted Display and Audio. Additionally, a lot of people use this phrase to add traditional books, pure fantasy, movies and thoughts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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