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Open Source Software - Research Paper Example

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Name of the Author Name of the Professor Course 12 March 2012 Open Source Software Open source software is defined as “software for which the human-readable source code is available for use, study, reuse, modification, enhancement, and redistribution by the users of that software” (Kennedy 42)…
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Open Source Software
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Extract of sample "Open Source Software"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, one more example includes Amazon .com minimizing information technology expenditures from $71 million to $54 million by replacing their business automation software with open source applications (NAGY, YASSIN and BHATTACHERJEE 148-151). Similarly, sabre holdings were able to save more than $10 billion dollars by deploying MySQL that is an open source database (NAGY, YASSIN and BHATTACHERJEE 148-151). As these open source software are free of cost, organizations started replacing legacy systems with open source products. This trend has forced hardware and software vendors along with proprietary technology vendors to offer value added services associated with open source products. After discussing all these advantages associated with open source software, one question comes in mind i.e. what is the purpose of spending money on proprietary software, and why do some companies do this? The answer is probably because they do not know that an open source meeting all their needs exists. For example, an open source enterprise resource planning application for Small medium business can be a cost saving alternative for expensive ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle. Moreover, open source business intelligence and analysis software such as Jasper reports and Pehanto are available today (NAGY, YASSIN and BHATTACHERJEE 148-151). However, the existence of these open source applications does not ensure proficient after sales or maintenance support and their functionality that can be catered by a consultant or advisory service. Likewise, these open source software are volunteered without proper marketing strategies possibly because of their low budget. A comparison between an open source application and MS office is demonstrated in Table 1.1 below: Table 1.1 Source: (" » Linux Mint "), (Crammond) After discussing benefits for open source software, we will now discuss the barriers for organizations adopting open source software. The first factor is the knowledge barrier, as discussed before, lack of available support, consultants, customization and lack of business knowledge for aligning the application with business objectives. The second barrier is a lack of integration with the legacy software and hardware. Likewise, Forking is another barrier because open source software is coded by different groups of people and may not integrate with other open source software. Moreover, the technology associated with open source software is immature i.e. not tested nor does it have a successful history. However, in order to overcome these challenges, organizations must train their staff and hire third party support and maintenance services. Moreover, for eliminating integration issues with legacy systems, middleware can be used for supporting integration functions. Furthermore, for addressing forking, self-resolving capabilities with the aid of self-managed standards is required. In addition, to address software immaturity, organizations must follow open source software maturity models and white papers for proper evaluation. Works Cited Crammond, Tony. "Head to Head: Office 2010 vs. Open Office 3.1 | IT PRO Reviews " 13/3/2010 2010. Web. 3/12/2012 . " » Linux Mint "Web. 3/12/2012 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Open Source Software Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Open Source Software Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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What is Open Source Software? : One can not define the Open Source Software in a few words, because of many categories and variants that exist for Open Source Software. But it is not complicated and the term ‘Open Source Software’ itself gives an idea about it. Now before giving definition from various people about Open Sour...
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