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Botnets - Essay Example

Apart from IRC, hackers utilize rootkits to compromise weak system with no updated security patches and have security loop holes that facilitate hacker’s objectives. As there are countless computers connected to the Internet, they use tools to capture and identify vulnerable systems and uses IP spoofing for (Spoofing.2011) manipulating the original IP addresses for gaining access in to the system. Furthermore, these compromised systems are from different geographical locations, it is difficult to identity suspicious traffic, as it represents different time zones. As botnets are considered as a major player in a Denial of Service attacks, it can be prevented by honey pots and bastion hosts that will identify suspicious broadcast at the initial level. As mentioned previously, that a zombie army initiates flooding and broadcasting attacks from various locations to the specific target. The characteristic of this attack encompasses threats from distributed source and is known as distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Computer network encyclopedia describes it, as the incorporation of hundreds or even thousands of computers that were previously compromised used for transmitting huge volume of unwanted traffic to the target. DDoS attacks are considered to be lethal in the world of Internet has imposes significant risks for businesses, governmental organizations, army networks etc. (Ghazali & Hassan, 2011) research on DDoS attacks has revealed vulnerabilities not only in the network architecture

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The existence of botnets is the most serious threat to the information security today
In the sense of malicious use of computing technology, a collection of bots or computers make up a botnet if they are being exploited by hackers to accomplish malicious duties according to Hudak (nd). A member of a botnet is formed when an infected file is downloaded on it usually from an email attachment.
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Information Technology Essay
Usually, attackers utilize bots as a means to contaminate huge numbers of personal computers, which eventually form a large network, which is known as a botnet (Craig 2007). Botnets are more often used by attackers to multiply viruses on networks, to hit servers and computers and even to commit various criminal acts.
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Identify two reported court cases that have impacted the evidentiary process or analysis in digital forensic cases
Jeanson James Ancheta’ and ‘107 F3d 4 United States V. Fernandez Lee’. Both cases were summarized as well as analyzed to conclude its effects and significances. United States of America v. Jeanson James Ancheta Synopsis Jeanson James Ancheta (the defendant), a 21 year old boy of Downey, California was accused as per the Computer Fraud Abuse Act, for the abuse of CAN-SPAM Act and for accessing the protected computers of US governmental agencies for committing fraudulent crimes and causing damages to the computers of the Federal used for the purpose of national defense.
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Security - Network Design
Network security has assumed paramount proportions as intrusions are on the rise, whether accidental or malicious, and the research problem raised in the paper are to investigate the preventive methods in this
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Internet Security: Awareness is Key
he risks that organizations face in advanced technological communications structures, one would be made aware of the factors that expose enterprises to network security breach. The origins of the internet dates back to as early as 1960s. Its evolution changed the course of
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Hackers and intruders have also become smarter and tech savvy with time due to which newer techniques have been developed to intrude and attack end user’s
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ISPs need to collaborate and fight the battle against botnets with mutual help. A guideline has been proposed regarding the appropriate actions that should be taken by ISPs to overcome the problem. The advent of
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or infrastructure, but also in the protocol specifications along with Internet. Exhibit 1.1 demonstrates types of flooding DDoS attacks along with protocols: Attack Name UDP Flood TCP Flood LorDAS Shrew Induced-Shrew Quiet Attack Rate High High Low Low Low Low Attack Traffic UDP Flow TCP Flow No information TCP Flow Optimistic ACK packets Short-lived, TCP flows Attack Target UDP or TCP clients UDP or TCP clients Application servers Routers in TCP Flow Internet Access, Routers Routers in TCP Flows Attack Goal Exhaust resources at target machines Consume Bandwidth Reduce availability and capability of servers Deny bandwidth TCP Flows, close session Dos at Internet access routers Reduce throughput Exhibit 1.1 Source: (Ghazali & Hassan, 2011) High rate flood attacks: This type of attack is achieved by traffic generation from many machines that may be in total of hundreds or thousands dispersed globally. The flooding of unwanted traffic degrades the performance of the target system or network by utilizing all the resources (Ghazali & Hassan, 2011). Low rate flood attacks: This type of attack is not similar to a high rate flood attack, as the attacker broadcast intelligently constructed packets. These packets are designed to bypass traditional flood detectors by varying the traffic rate (Ghazali & Hassan, 2011). Low Rate DoS Attack against Application Servers (LoRDAS): This type of attack targets iterative servers and augments its capacity against synchronized or iterative servers. Likewise, the LoRDAS attack utilizes the capacity of these servers by sending a broadcast intelligently so that the servers begin to process the request of the hacker and overloading the server to fulfill any new legitimate request (Ghazali & Hassan


Full Paper Title Name University BOTNETS Robot network or BOT NET is also known as a ‘Zombie army’ and is considered as a group of computers that are compromised and controlled by the hacker to attack a specific target (Botnet.2011). Likewise, these group of compromised computers will broadcast spam, relay unwanted emails, viruses or excessive request against any service associated with a specific network or server…
Botnets Essay
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