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Review Discussion Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Chapter 1 The authors emphasized on the need for very firm foundation for the execution of bigger organizational tasks. Making reference to how present day global organizations and companies are finding it extremely difficult to catch up with so called smaller and medium scale businesses from unpopular locations like India, the authors allude that the only secret that the so called smaller and medium scale businesses are holding is the they had very firm foundation for their business…
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Review Discussion: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Because of the benefits they have recorded, these unknown companies continue to embed “technology into their processes so that they can efficiently and reliably execute the core operations of the companies” (Ross, Weil and Robertson, 2006, p. 2). Chapter 2 One beauty of technology to the execution of modern business needs is the dynamism it presents. By dynamism, reference is being made to the ability to flexibly manipulate modern technology to suit the very needs of an identified company. It is in this direction that the authors in Enterprise Architecture as Strategy call for the need for all companies to clearly define the model on which they want to operate their information systems and other technology orientations on. There are several companies and organizations who by the mere fact that most other companies are into the use of technology have also taken up to the use of technology. These companies do not take time to scrutinize their business to find the most pressing needs that technology could address and therefore select the wrong models. It is important for such companies to practice the use of models haphazardly to note that “the operating model decision (or lack thereof) has a profound impact on how a company implements business process and IT infrastructure” (Ross, Weil and Robertson, 2006, p. 26). Chapter 3 When the right selections are done, the phase of implementation of models would be quite easier for modern companies and enterprises. Indeed it is very important to have a firm foundation laid for the implementation of a given operating model decision because the implementation stage is very complex and detailed. There are a number of approaches to use in getting the operating model decision underway. The authors are however very much for the use of enterprise architecture. The basis of enterprise architecture is in the belief that “responding to market opportunities is critical to any business – particularly in new areas where the company must establish a presence and a value proposition quickly” (Ross, Weil and Robertson, 2006, p. 46). This is in saying that if enterprises and companies decide to take the designing (architecture) of their enterprises into their own hands, they are offered the opportunity to manipulate their models to suit the very needs of their present situation. Fundamentals of Information Systems. Chapter 1 As if writing a response on the need to start business strategies with core foundations by Ross, Weil and Robertson (2006), Stair and Reynolds (2012) write the first chapter of their book, giving the very basics of information systems. Fusing the two ideas, it would be true to argue that a core way to ensure a firm foundation for any organization or business that wants to succeed on the wings of modern technology is to resort to one of the many forms of information system. This is because information systems have been proved to bring about a lot of benefits including “speed, accuracy, reduced cost, and increased functionality” (Stair and Reynolds, 2012). It therefore becomes more like an inevitable benefit to project managers to have in place information syste ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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