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Lanchester Liners Hospitality Database, SQL - Essay Example

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Lanchester Liners Hospitality Database, SQL
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Download file to see previous pages Lanchester Liners Hospitality Database This report presents a detailed overview of design and Implementation of Hospitality Database for Lanchester Liners for holding information about their ships, the ports visited where hospitality is offered, and any corporate team-building events organised on-board. In addition, the report also offers a detailed discussion on multi-user access to a database including concurrency, locking, security and access control. 1. ...
85,'10/01/1975','Sails') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(1893233,'Amsterdam',61000,'05/09/1977','22.5') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(1029833,'Aurora',76000,'16/07/1980','24') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(1938821,'Black Prince',11209,'25/06/1976','24.5') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(2832911,'Black Watch',28668,'31/12/1981','21') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(9283321,'Dawn Princess',77000,'30/03/1984','21') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3903211,'Galaxy',77713,'21/09/1979','21.5') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(1120322,'Genesis',220000,'11/11/1978','22.3') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3829111,'Horizon',46811,'17/03/1975','21.4') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3822211,'Jewel of the Seas',90090,'20/08/1982','25') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values (4833928,'Norwegian Crown',34242,'01/06/1981','22') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3928111,'Norwegian Dawn',92250,'09/02/1978','25') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3920000,'Oceana',77000,'28/07/1982','21') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3029992,'Polynesia',430,'09/05/1972','Sails') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3400049,'Rhapsody',78491,'23/02/1975','22') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(2939222,'Sensation',70367,'31/12/1975','21') INTO SHIP(shipNo, shipName, Tonnage, buildDate, speed) Values(3992019,'Serenata',133500,'07/11/1974','20.5') SELECT * FROM DUAL; Populating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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