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Virtual Reality - Research Paper Example

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There is a massive development and rampant innovations in the field of computer science and Information Technology. One of the most significant innovations is the development of Virtual Reality (VR) system. …
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Virtual Reality
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Download file to see previous pages These applications range from educational to health systems. However, the technology also has harbored some disadvantages due to its application. This paper delves into the topic of Virtual Reality. It examines some of its uses, its disadvantages as well as challenges that hinder its effective application. Introduction Virtual reality is a three-dimensional environment. One can only view it on a computer screen or through special goggles. Besides, one can relate with the virtual world as if one is part of it using specially designed equipment (Owens, 2010). According to Isdale (1993), virtual reality is a means for individuals to manipulate, interact and visualize with extremely complex data and computers. In this case, visualization part talks about the computer producing auditory, visual or other sensual outputs to a human being within the computer. This world could be a scientific simulation, a view into a database, or a CAD model. Conversely, the user can relate with the world and directly and control objects within the world. In addition, other processes like simple animation scripts or physical simulations animate some worlds. With virtual reality, there is a likelihood of custom-designed while the three-dimensional environments permit instinctive “transparent” boundaries such that the computer interface is imperceptible to the user. In addition, virtual reality allows for considerably improved three-dimensional perception and interaction over conventional three-dimensional computer graphics because of its interaction capabilities and three-dimensional display (Bryson, 1996). On the other hand, VR can also be useful in an advanced user interface to three-dimensional simulation models in simulation terms (Barnes, 1996). Moreover, there are various fields in which VR applications have significant potential including medicine, industry, education and training, commerce, entertainment industry, scientific research and the space. On the other hand, to make innovations that use VR technology effective, there should be a thorough exploration. However, VR is still immature both as a technology and as a field of research. As a result, there should be considerable research to be done to realize the full potential of VR (Barrett, 2004). This is the reason the electronic and computer engineers are pursuing new ways of improving the virtual reality experience. Presently, computer and electronic scientists and engineers are developing a system that will incorporate the sense of taste (Lee, 2011). Applications and equipment for Virtual Reality Several technologies are requisite for the creation of a virtual world each of which, have advanced technologically and independently. The heart of virtual reality is a combination of software, hardware and electronics. These three computers related technologies merge to make virtual reality work. In addition, three imperatives are essential to help virtual reality work including special software, the individual user and a computer. Moreover, there are several input devices to improve the virtual reality experience and enable it to work. These input devices help in recording, measuring electronic signals, and converting them into a physical world. On the other hand, the output devices allow the user's brain to process the computer-generated physical world created. However, the reality engine is the main power of a virtual reality system. This engine helps create the virtual world and process information. It comprises either a group of computers or one powerful computer because the reality engine is supposed to create complex graphics (Lee, 2011). However, the virtual reali ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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