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The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Tool - Report Example

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"The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Tool" paper highlights the importance of using Logical Framework during the project cycle, and reviewed the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the approach in project planning…
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The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Tool
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Extract of sample "The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Tool"

Download file to see previous pages Dijkzeul & Beigbeder (2003: 209) define logical framework as “a tool which provides a structure for specifying the components of a program, and the logical linkages between a set of means and ends”. Thus it describes a project in a logical fashion and is a way of testing the logic of a plan of action. Project work when conceived in the form of a project cycle with consecutive phases simplifies the enormity of the task by tackling each phase of the work as an independent unit in itself. Each stage of development in any project requires the performance of a particular area of the work so that the project is completed in a series of phases (Hira and Parfitt, 2004: 34).

All development agencies have become accountable to public administration. This resulted in a need for an effective tool for ensuring the achievement of project outcomes as planned. This necessitated the conception of the strategic planning, implementation and evaluation tool known as the Logical Framework (LF). Also, it is essential that using an experiential training methodology, training in the use of logical frameworks and in project cycle management has to be given, for achieving results as planned (Dearden and Kowalski, 2003: 501-502).

Moreover, “the logical framework is a central tool in the process of bidding for grants for development aid”, state Kowalski and Kaskelite (2005: 99-101). Aid is granted by the funding organization on the basis of the feasibility of the idea as presented by the logical framework.

In the middle of the twenty-first century, several projects implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) did not achieve successful results. Hence, the earliest Logical Framework was designed in the early 1970s for use by the USAID, to overcome the areas which were identified as causal for the unsuccessful projects. The new tool focused on the objectives of the project, how the needs for fulfilling the project were planned to be met, and standardized appraisals while the project would be in progress (McCall, 2000: 1).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Report, n.d.)
The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is it an Essential Report.
(The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is It an Essential Report)
The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is It an Essential Report.
“The Use of Logical Framework in the Project Cycle: Is It an Essential Report”.
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