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Second Language Acquisition has been defined as the process by which individuals acquires the skills of using another language, which may entail the speaking, writing or application skills of another language, other than that first language of the individual (Kramsch, 2)…
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Second Language Acquisition Essay
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"Second Language Acquisition"

Download file to see previous pages However, this argument has been disputed by another argument holding that acquiring second language skills is not difficult. Rather, it is the poor formulation of teaching curriculum and inappropriate design of instructional methods that create the perception that the acquisition of proficiency in second language for non-native learners is difficult (Rutherford, 47). Second Language Acquisition is akin to the process of children acquiring their speech, meaning that it requires meaningful interaction between the subject and the target language, most especially related to natural communication (Sanz, 14). My thesis, then, aims to argue that several factors affect the effective acquisition of a second language.
Just as the case is with children acquiring their early speech communication skills, Second Language Acquisition entails the speakers having little concern for the utterances, and more emphasis on the delivery of the intended messages, and how the message will be interpreted (Sanz, 21). In this respect, Second Language Acquisition mostly has to do with what the learners of the second language do in the process of acquiring the skills of communicating using the second language. Nevertheless, the manner in which the second language is taught to the learners has a great influence on how well the learners will understand and acquire the skills of a second language. Therefore, while teaching the second language, it is essential that the teacher adopts a holistic approach (Gruber-Miller, n.p.).
The learners of a second language have to go through different stages before they can eventually become proficient in the second language. The pre-production stage, also referred to as the silent stage refers to that initial stage of the second language acquisition, where the learners have a collection of words and perhaps several vocabularies, but they do not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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