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Final work - Essay Example

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The language has key features such as the phonetics and morphemes among other linguistic structures. In phonetics we have vowels and constants. There is also the phonemic inventory which is a set of consonants…
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Final work

Download file to see previous pages... We detail phonemic inventories, phonotactics, Inflectional morphology and simple sentences in the language studied. We also discuss about pragmatics of wordplay and question formation strategies.
The language chosen here is called Pitjantjatjara. It is from central Australia and it is a dialect of the Western Desert Language (Andrew).this is because of its interestingness and its similarity to my language Sei. My consonant inventory consist bilabial, labiodental, alveolar, retroflex, palatal, velar, uvular, and glottal.
There is Glottal, Uvular and Labiodental in my language which are not there in Pitjantjatjara. However both Pitjantjatjara and Sei do have Plosives, Nasals and Bilabials. It has 20 constants, 20 vowels from front to back and from close to open.
In “sei”, onsets are required and complex onset are allowed. For instance, the word [ʋɸy], which means water in English can be CCV and CC is the onset is the nucleus. In this case complex onsets are allowed in “sei”.
Polar questions are the questions want more complex answers other than yes or no. Content questions are the questions that use “what” to ask the question (Bischoff and Fountain). In my language, polar questions are similar to those in English. However, content questions in my language we put “what” in front of the sentence instead of the beginning. For example:
In this paper my goal was to understand linguistics and I have focused on the key aspects of linguistics. I have focused on the sound system, morphology and syntax and question formation and pragmatics. From these chapters I feel I know linguistics and I realize that every language is dynamic and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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