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Cooks County Correction Department's Disciplinary Action Program - Report Example

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This report "Cooks County Correction Department's Disciplinary Action Program" focuses on the discipline policies of the Sheriff's Investigative Unite in the Cooks County. It includes the examples of the Major Cases and the description of the procedure of the Summary Punishments…
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Cooks County Correction Departments Disciplinary Action Program
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Extract of sample "Cooks County Correction Department's Disciplinary Action Program"

Download file to see previous pages This includes every division of the organization from the front office to the operations. The appropriate conduct of the employees can be ensured by proper training and personnel development programs and disciplinary action policies. All of the human resource management components should go along with each other to ensure good work culture within the organization. This paper specifically deals with the Disciplinary action programs of the Cooks County Correction Department Sheriff’s Investigative Unit. The first section explains the mission statement of the organization. The following section deals with the discipline policies where Summary Punishment and Major Cause of the organization have been discussed.
The mission of the Cook County Department of Corrections is to ensure the safety of the citizens of Cook County, correctional staff and inmates; to provide a central location for the screening and classification of all defendants and a safe, secure, humane, positive, efficient and constitutionally-operated corrections department with a highly qualified, well-trained and dedicated staff.2
The Disciplinary Action Program of the Cooks County Correction Department is very important due to the kind of work it does. It works for the security and safety of people and works within a stressed environment. This leaves no room for the misconduct of the employees. There are strict rules and regulations in the Sheriff’s Investigative Unit and set procedures for disciplinary actions and punishments. It has thoroughly described its policies related to punishment and various clauses in the dept. The written document on Disciplinary actions has covered vastly the various misconducts with which an employee can breach the rules and regulations.
This document has explained the difference between the less serious misconduct and serious misconducts and the action to be taken on these cases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Cooks County Correction Department's Disciplinary Action Program Report, n.d.)
Cooks County Correction Department's Disciplinary Action Program Report.
(Cooks County Correction Department'S Disciplinary Action Program Report)
Cooks County Correction Department'S Disciplinary Action Program Report.
“Cooks County Correction Department'S Disciplinary Action Program Report”.
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