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OSHA Case Summary - Assignment Example

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Managements have a responsibility of ensuring the total elimination of such unethical characters within business set up. Many people survive fatal injuries and other forms of…
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OSHA Case Summary
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"OSHA Case Summary"

Download file to see previous pages Setting standards refers to an act of establishing one or more clear-cut score(s) on a test. The standards constitute informed ideas that are distinct and significant in their applications. An act of setting would include approving, rejecting, adjusting or implementing an action plan. Enforcing standards would mean executing the strategies as laid by the body concerned. Despite the fact that standard setting a purely procedural course, it ideally comprises strategy fabricators, test developers, and capacity experts early ensuring that the test outcomes is convenient and defensible. A proper guideline would suppress any form of unethical or rather unsafe behavior in an organization (Bejar, 2008). A well-structured institution has no room for tolerance of any weird characters within its premises.
Training involves a practical application of procedures and theories. In any organization, a leader has a mandate of providing his/her employees with skills that suit their areas of duties. Workers need applied knowledge concerning their fields of actions to avoid committing faults because of insufficient drilling. Training may take a form of seminars and conferences. Trained worker understands all details relating to their working environments. Practical should emphasize safety techniques within and outside the working communities. Whenever an employee undertakes a proper course in his field of services, the chances of falling to injuries become slim.
Every human being would need help in one way or the other from another. Employees should learn to appreciate and work as a team with a specific objective of achieving organization’s goals. Once a person inculcates a habit of consultation in areas of difficulties, then ignorance related injuries and unethical actions would reduce drastically.
A culture of security comprises of a shared behaviors, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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