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Administrative Challenges Employers can expect with Current Health Exchanges - Research Paper Example

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Each state offers a health exchange marketplace where residents of the state can obtain health insurance cover from competing health care facilities (, 2015). The health exchange…
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Administrative Challenges Employers can expect with Current Health Exchanges
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Extract of sample "Administrative Challenges Employers can expect with Current Health Exchanges"

Download file to see previous pages Heath exchanges are significantly important despite the cost and implementation challenges.
Despite the positive contributions of the health exchange, employers face administrative challenges including training needs for employees, cost control challenges, compliance complexity and procedural difficulties. Employers need to train their employees on how to use the health exchange marketplace to suit the health insurance needs of their families, including how to use the price calculator to determine the amount of subsidies (, 2015). Employers also expect cost control challenges because the healthcare exchange will require them to provide medical benefits and attempt to reduce the cost burden associated with the current health exchange (Kingsdale & Bertko, 2015).Complying with the health exchange is also complex for employers because they need to monitor their health insurance plan to ensure that they achieve compliance with minimum standards of the health exchange (Pauly and Herring, 2007). The procedure for obtaining coverage for several employees through the health exchange marketplace is also challenging because it takes time and may be costly.
Employers can, therefore, expect several challenges with the current health exchange including training needs for employees, cost control challenges, compliance complexity, and procedural difficulties. These challenges are experienced because the health exchange brings new methods of complying with insurance requirements for employees.
The implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues to burden the administration of employees’ processes for a greater part of employers. In fact, the likelihood of the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling by a lower court opposing the legitimacy of the federal marketplaces is taking the place of state managed. According to Sally Doubet King and James McEllgot, who have a partnership at McGuire Woods LLP, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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