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In handling this assignment, I am going to assume the role of the Technical Support Representative, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all issues regarding technology are in perfect condition.
At the beginning of the project, I thought it would be wise for our…
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OD Skills Simulation 12.1
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OD Skills Simulation Skills Simulation In handling this assignment, I am going to assume the role of the Technical Support Representative, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all issues regarding technology are in perfect condition.
As the technical support representative, i undertake to think through the following when considering the ideal office location
i. That the region within which the offices are located is within reach for our clients.
ii. That my colleagues from Vernal Corporation will not have difficulty accessing the new offices
iii. That the new offices provide my colleagues with the ideal working environment
iv. That Vernal Corporation minimizes resources while at the same time maximizes output throughout the new venture
At the beginning of the project, I thought it would be wise for our organization to go for the suburban shopping center office because it offered four large rooms, which we could use as our offices and conference rooms. Nonetheless, my perception of the office block changed because of its fair condition and lack of suitable amenities. Consequently, after weighing all the leasing options available at our disposal, I thought it wise that the regional office building would be the ideal locality for our offices, as its total cost stands at approximately $53,000 which fits well within the budget of Vernal Corporation. Apart from the moderate room that would serve as the main office of the organization, we would occupy one conference room and use it to habitually host our clientele and at the same time conduct a few company operations. I similarly settled on the regional office building due to its high prestige, which would supplement our corporation as most of our customers and organizational partners would find it appealing (McCarthy, 2008).
The locality within which the regional office building is situated has a variety of houses, a factor that would come a long way in making sure that my colleagues do not have a difficult time in settling. In addition, the half hour duration to be spent to and from the offices would make us slightly efficient. The regional office building similarly stood out because it had a coffee shop and restaurants within the office block, as well as a kitchen and a coffee area for those who would be interested in preparing their own meals. In conclusion, I held the opinion that the presence of miscellaneous services such as a gym and hair parlor, would make our stay within the region much comfortable, hence ensuring that we channel most of our energy into discharging our duties.
McCarthy, J. F. (2008). Choosing project success: A guide for building professionals. Westchester, IL: Pareto-Building Improvement. Read More
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