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John Dobriansky (2005) in his article, ‘Critical issues in organizational development’ makes important points with regard to effective organization. He emphasizes that in order to ensure a competitive edge and effectively manage programs or acquisitions, leaders should train…
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Critical Issues in OD Critical Issues in OD John Dobriansky (2005) in his article, ‘Critical issues in organizational development’ makes important points with regard to effective organization. He emphasizes that in order to ensure a competitive edge and effectively manage programs or acquisitions, leaders should train and develop their employees. They should also come up with sound mechanisms through which they can handle issues that might crop up and develop structures to motivate the workforce. They must also ensure professionalism, show support, and provide a rational leadership base to ensure long term continuity.
The aforementioned points are essential since training of workers ensures professionalism and growth. Leaders must also be able to come up with mechanisms to solve issues so as to reduce resistance to changes. Moreover, motivation is important in enhancing morale and guaranteeing a balanced workplace. Leaders should also be able to come up with structures that guarantee proficiency, increase the level of support, morale, and heighten employee retention rate. Continuity of leadership is also vital in making sure that effective decisions are made and problems solved on time.
Although the author has made informative remarks and suggestions on how leaders can make sure that there is professionalism and on ways they can train their workers, it is unfortunate that he has failed to give more detailed information on how employees can be motivated. He only mentions the benefits that come with motivating the workforce, but not ways in which this can be achieved. He should have pointed some of the motivation strategies such as recognizing, promoting, providing benefits such as health, and increasing employees’ salary among others. On the same note, he asserts that training of employees is important, but does not give reasons why leaders should do it. Such reasons may have included increasing the rate of retention, heightening productivity, and reducing work oriented flaws.
Dobriansky, J. (2005). Critical issues in organizational development. Retrieved from Read More
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