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This research will begin with the statement that the Bereavement policy is a law that dictates that employers should give workers the opportunity to mourn close friends and family members.  The bereavement policy can be applied via legislation or workplace policy…
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Payroll Bereavement Leave
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To: Human Resources Manager, Carol George
From: General Manager
Date: 11 Nov 2008
The Bereavement policy is a law that dictates that employers should give workers the opportunity to mourn close friends and family members. The bereavement policy can be applied via legislation or workplace policy. Alternatively, it can be achieved via collective agreement. The company has plans to prepare a Bereavement policy for all its employees regardless of their location. Therefore, the policy should consider the bereavement policy in all the states.
It is paramount that the company’s bereavement policy complies with the labor/employment standards in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon. The policy should address qualification for a bereavement leave. It should establish whether the company will offer paid leave or unpaid leave. It should define who is considered family and when a bereavement leave should begin. It is imperative to make things clear because the law only mentions unpaid leave. The employment law in British Columbia states that a worker has the right to three days of unpaid leave. It is similar to the requirement in Manitoba. However, in Yukon and Saskatchewan where the law requires up to 7 days and 5 days of unpaid leave respectively.
The policy should also give a definite definition of what constitutes a family member or close relative. Some states have laws that define family members as relatives and guardians while others consider even close friends like family. It should state when a bereavement leave should start and end. The explanation would involve pointing out the period covered by leave. Will it cover the mourning period or just the time needed to finish the funeral arrangements? Finally, it is necessary to identify the type of employees who are qualified for bereavement leave. The laws in the four states. Some states like Manitoba have laws that insist that an a worker should have been with the employer for a minimum of 30 days to qualify for a bereavement leave (Saint). Yukon has laws that are a bit different because it does not allow for a minimum period of work for an employee to qualify for bereavement leave.
I will suggest some advice that will help in coming up with a policy that will fit all our employees. First, a paid leave will show the employees that the company cares about them. It would motivate them to give their best for the company. Therefore, I would recommend a 3 days paid leave for all employees. The employees can have a chance to take a leave of up to 7 days, but it will be unpaid (Carper and McKinsey 402). Second, I would recommend defining family as anyone who is very close. The loss of family or a close friend can be traumatizing. Third, I would recommend the company to provide no minimum period required an employee to qualify for a bereavement leave. It is good for the company to show all employees that the management understands the loss of friends and close family members is a painful. These recommendations will make sure the employees get the best benefit. Employee motivation is significant because it affects employee output. Compliance to employment laws should be given priority as you draft the bereavement policy.
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