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It is indeed true that labor education and introduction of extensive employee development schemes (EDS) plays a significant role in the empowerment of employees as well as the democratization of workplace. Employee empowerment and workplace democracy are two fields of modern…
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Human Resource Management /Work and Learning ( HRMT406 ) Ass#3
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Download file to see previous pages Employee empowerment refers to the flexibility that is offered to employees whereby they are able to contribute towards the organizational decision making process. They have the authority to make a decision at their own discretion without having to consult the senior officials or the organizational management. One of the major reasons behind organizations emphasizing so much on employee empowerment is to convey that their inputs are being valued within the company. This is one way adopted by organizational managers to acknowledge the employees’ contribution. Employee empowerment is extremely important for companies all over the world as it enhances the engagement level of employees and makes them more committed towards their work (Menon, 2001).
In a similar manner, workplace democratization is another crucial aspect of an organization’s internal environment. Workplace democracy provides employees with the right to state their own opinion. An open opinionated work environment enables employees to convey their needs and requirements directly to the superiors. It allows employees with the opportunity to vote form their own union and elect a favorable representation. Democratization of workplace enables managers to establish a rigid framework of communication whereby both employees and managers can negotiate with each other on favorable terms (Gómez & Rosen, 2001).
It is extremely important for the managers to impart necessary education to the labors as well as introduce necessary employee development schemes in order to ensure proper empowerment of employees and democratization of workplace. The importance of the above mentioned factors are discussed over the course of this study.
In this intensely competitive business environment it is extremely important for organizations to make sure that the entire organizational workforce is in complete harmony. There has to be a proper coordination among each and every individual member. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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