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Compare & Contrast Advantages/Disadvantages of Common Merit Date vs. Anniversary Date for Annual Merit Increases - Assignment Example

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It is basically based on individual performance, and could either be individual based or integrated into the standard employee payment…
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Compare & Contrast Advantages/Disadvantages of Common Merit Date vs. Anniversary Date for Annual Merit Increases
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Extract of sample "Compare & Contrast Advantages/Disadvantages of Common Merit Date vs. Anniversary Date for Annual Merit Increases"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, this necessitates the comparison and analysis of the common merit date and anniversary date employee evaluation mechanisms. Each of these methods have their own merits and demerits, and a detailed look at these disparities can shed more light on their use.
In light of the above, anniversary date reviews are typically carried out throughout the year. This means that employees receive their appraisal after every one year cycle. Given that not all employees were recruited into the company during the same period, the process is always continuous as every employee has their own unique 1 year cycle or anniversary (Sims 2007, p. 387). It has various advantages, one being that it is a much fairer approach as each employee is reviewed as an individual. In addition, employees are reviewed against set standards, and not against fellow employees. Therefore, this makes it much easier for the organization to keep track of how it wants the employees to behave and the qualities that are to be instilled into them (Henderson 2006, p. 411). Another advantage is that it is much easier to carry out anniversary date review since it is only one or a few employees at any one given time. Therefore, it is an easy undertaking from the perspective of the managerial department depending on the number of employees. This is due to the spreading of the review activity over a year as opposed to being carried out all at once.
On the other hand, the anniversary date review has its own demerits. For one, it requires an advanced management mechanism that can track it throughout the year since it is a year-long process. Furthermore, the continuous process makes it exceedingly difficult to gather any useful analytical information since it is bound to change over time (Henderson 2006, p. 323). Moreover, the fact that it is based on an individual approach makes it much more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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