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Interviw with nurse in indiana state university health center - Assignment Example

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Hiring is an intricate HR process that encompasses phases such as attracting, screening, and recruiting candidates deemed most suitable for the available job positions. Prior to actual selection of the most qualified individuals, it is imperative to adopt a systematic approach…
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Interviw with nurse in indiana state university health center
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Extract of sample "Interviw with nurse in indiana state university health center"

College: Indiana Health Center Nurse Interview Hiring is an intricate HR process that encompasses phases such as attracting, screening, and recruiting candidates deemed most suitable for the available job positions. Prior to actual selection of the most qualified individuals, it is imperative to adopt a systematic approach. The latter should comprise of specific procedures, such as a clear definition of job prerequisites, appropriate platforms to post the available job, screening criteria, and candidate selection strategies.
How to proceed
The initial undertaking in preparation for hiring a nurse would be to identify the job gap and the exact duties that the prospective candidates would be required to meet. The stage involves developing a comprehensive job description for the nursing position and formulating a hiring procedure. These two crucial aspects are outlined in detail in the subsequent sections.
Job Description
The eligible candidate will oversee maintenance of accurate and complete patient reports, as well as, medical records. The nurse will also be responsible for adjusting patient treatment regimen on the basis of respective patients’ condition and response to treatment. Further responsibilities include observing, recording and reporting changes in patients’ state while supervising and directing healthcare personnel with fewer skills in medicine. The nurse will also be expected to consistently monitor patient characteristics, including dietary, physical and physiological aspects, and to prepare patients for examinations by doctors or other medical specialists. The nurse will also shoulder the task of offering advice to individuals, families and groups on subjects like health education, disease prevention, and childbirth thus aiding in the development of suitable health improvement programs.
Hiring Processes
The process of hiring provides an organization with a unique opportunity to align staff members’ skills with initiatives that foster growth. Proper planning and evaluation of the hiring process is, therefore, instrumental to the achievement of this success. The first step involves formulating interview and reference questions, as well as, criteria for interview assessment. The second stage in the hiring process entails development of a recruitment strategy, which would allow the hospital to map out a plan to attract and select the most competent candidate for the nursing position.
The third step in the hiring process involves selection of a search committee. This group, equipped with the interview and reference questions, as well as, candidate assessment criteria, will ensure that they progressively screen and select applicants that best qualify for the designated job position. Selection of a committee, as opposed to an individual, is vital to minimization or complete elimination of personal prejudice. After recruitment of a search committee, the hospital should proceed to post the job position and its descriptive details in chosen platforms like print media or online job sites. Posting the position would allow interested candidates to send their applications via recommended channels, further paving way for implementation of the recruitment plan.
It is after potential job candidates send their applications and requisite credentials that, the search committee reviews them and develop a shortlist for individuals that qualify for an interview. Screening and short listing is a crucial phase of the employee recruitment process, as it involves selecting the first lot of the most qualified applicants. The subsequent step involves contacting shortlisted persons for interviews. Interviews are best conducted by an interview panel or search committee that is adequately qualified to assess the proficiency of interviewees, through validating information availed by candidates and learning about their distinctive attributes. After successful completion of the interviews, the committee should carry out an all-inclusive assessment of candidates and finally select the most qualified person for the nurse position. Successful conclusion of the hiring process involves issuance of an offer to the chosen candidate and making relevant arrangements for job commencement. Read More
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Interviw With Nurse in Indiana State University Health Center Assignment.
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