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Dangers of Childhood Obesity - Research Paper Example

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It has been recognized that obesity is one of the medical conditions, which are considered a great danger to future generations, and this is especially true among children. It is for this reason that a significant amount of time and research has been set apart over the years to…
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Dangers of Childhood Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages This increase has also been coupled with illnesses and medical conditions associated with obesity among children and it has become a matter of grave concern. The result of the increase in the prevalence in childhood obesity have been increasing calls in the political arena for more legislation to be passed at the state level to ensure that this problem is brought under control. Furthermore, Mitgang states that the appropriateness of these legislative interventions have, however, been brought into questions especially when one considers that it might be an infringement on the rights of individuals. There have been arguments for direct intervention by the state governments because a large number of obese children tend to also develop other medical complications related to their condition. Among these complications are diabetes, hypertension, as well as the risk of cardiovascular diseases which make it more difficult for the public health sector to shoulder the burden of dealing with these children. While this may be the case, despite the wide support for there to be legislative interventions to curb childhood obesity, there are some who believe that interventions should be limited to such instances where obese children are at a short-term risk of loss of life, or when it is judged that their condition might cause serious harm to them. Therefore, according to Mitgang (2011) in current political and medical circles, there has been a proposition for the development of a specific standard for intervention which involves the adoption of a case by case study with the intention of determining the risk factors of health problems for children with obesity. The first of these is that healthcare practitioners have to determine the severity of a child’s illness associated with obesity because this is the only way through which the risk to his health can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...their children from health complications. Prevention strategies should include the abolition of junk foods from homes and provision of advices on the dangers of obesity. Programs should include more contact time between parents and their children because they help in the sharing of knowledge about obesity (Gardner, 2010). Children should be encouraged to practice regularly rather than staying indoors and playing video games. The TV shows should be replaced with educative courses that help the children understand the issue of obesity . The podcast has also focused much on the Western countries forgetting that childhood obesity is an...
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...was just referenced in the journal. In addition, lot of the the given conclusions were summaries of compiled studies. In fact, the journal is more like of an informative and persuasive article that warns the public of the dangers of childhood obesity. The journal also comments on what directions , programs and policies that European Commission must do so that European teens would not experience same situation as American teens. The suggestions posed by the researchers were interventions such as limiting access of school children to soda and encouraging consumption of milk. Unfortunately, milk is packaged as “ice-cream” which also contributes to increase in body fat. Some studies such as...
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