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This article examines Apple’s work-life policy. The apples Inc website is highly customer focused. The website focuses on customer relations, and there is hardly any information available about its employees and work-life policies.  Apple is one of the most enviable companies to work with…
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Apples Work-life Policy
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Apple’s Work-life Policy
Apple is one of the leading companies I world, in addition to the global communication industry. Once, being rated the most valuable company in the world, the firm has set the pace for others to catch in the global arena, and with that it would be the firm that I would love to work in. This article will examine Apple’s work-life policy.
The apples Inc website is highly customer focused (Lockett, 2012). The website focuses on customer relations, and there is hardly any information available about its employees and work-life policies. It would take one a lengthy procedure to find the Work-life policy, at its website. Fr communication to be effective, it must be accessible and readily available, which is not the case, at (Lockett, 2012). However, the firm does an impressive job I am articulating the company’s work-life policy. Apples business values are entrenched I treating its employees and others with honesty and respect. The values that inform the work-life policy are clearly articulated in the company’s website (Lockett, 2012).
Apple places a huge emphasis on work-life balance. In apple when an individual works hard, they get to enjoy some free personal time. Employees get to enjoy both vocational and family leave policy during Thanksgiving and Christmas (Lockett, 2012). The other work-life policies that the firm adopts include healthcare and contribution to retirement plans or pension. This is in-line with Apple Inc. A motto, which that ‘we love working at Apple, we work hard, nevertheless, when it is all said and done, go enjoy your life. Apple’s motto summarizes its work-life policy as “employee focused; customer focused and innovative.” Apple has a stimulating and challenging workplace, Amazing workplace, culture, and it is customer-focused (Lockett, 2012).
This is a company that I would like to work for (Lockett, 2012). Apple is envied as being a start-up in a big organization. Employees at the firm are offered a chance to contribute to the satisfaction of customers across the globe with the novelty of its products (Lockett, 2012). Even with its huge salaries and benefits, the satisfaction that employees feel when they contribute in changing the nature and lifestyle of many people across the globe is mind blowing. At Apple, employees work with very smart people, this enhances employees to work somewhere else (Lockett, 2012). The company has always endeavored to maintain its bureaucracy to as low as possible. Therefore, employees do not feel like they are micro-managed (Lockett, 2012).
Apple can sometimes be a hard place to work. Workers have to accommodate high levels of secrecy, non-stop pressure to work at the top of their game and crazy working hours (Lockett, 2012). In some instances, some employees are called while on their Christmas break to return to work. The company needs to reduce its incredibly excessive standards, its outrageously inflexible working hours with the hours and the firms’ obsession with secrecy (Lockett, 2012). He firms obsession with secrecy borders with paranoia. The other work-life policies that the company needs to include spousal hiring and college savings contribution (Lockett, 2012).
Apple is one of the most enviable companies to work with; the company offers numerous work-life benefits to its employees. However, there are areas in the work-life policy that necessitate improvement, or the introduction. The company must lessen it restrictive working conditions and introduce policies such as flexible working conditions and contributions to college education plans.
Lockett, K. (2012). Work/Life Balance for Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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