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Final Reflective - Assignment Example

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The growth in the internal functions of the business houses has brought in greater complexity in managing the human resources of a firm. As opined by Baines…
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Final Reflective Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Cascio (2006) defined human resource policies as the process of organizing the resource planning, performance management, employee relations and supporting administrative roles. This report will focus on identifying the process and importance of human resource policies within in the organizational framework. The researcher will also try to evaluate the effectiveness of these policies within the organizational context.
The process of developing human resource policies depend on the specific needs of a firm and its employees. Most of the firm try to develop their human resource polices by relating them to their organizational objectives which provides an explicit direction to the workforce (Adeniji & Osibanjo, 2012). The influence of the policies can either be negative or positive based on the effectiveness of implementing them. For instance, Microsoft Corp.’s HR policy of stack ranking is criticized as one of the worst policies (Burstein, 2013). The policy was focused on ranking the employees based on their performance which took an ugly form and emerged in the form of organizational politics and decreasing productivity (Burstein, 2013). Focusing on the process of policy making, the basic aspects of policy framing and drafting will be referred in the report.
The first step for policy making is to identify the need. This step involves all the HR personnel of the company. The line managers will collect the data on the progress, performance and productivity of the employees and forward it to the senior managers (Cascio, 2006). The senior managers analyze the data and identify the gaps in the work culture and work structure. Based on this, a basic framework for the policy is developed and further forwarded to the higher management of the company. This is where the policy framework is compared and aligned with the strategic decision making process (McKenzie & Wharf, 2010). The second step is to assess the scope of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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