Analysis of A Former CSUN Scientist Is Claiming He Was Fired for His Christian Beliefs Article by Araujo - Assignment Example

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The author analyzes the article about Mark Armitage who was a CSUN scientist. He had worked in this organization for many years but was later terminated due to his findings being linked with his religious beliefs. Mark Armitage in the year 2012 had gone for excavation at Hell Creek Foundation.   …
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Analysis of A Former CSUN Scientist Is Claiming He Was Fired for His Christian Beliefs Article by Araujo
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Mark Armitage was able to discover a Triceratops horn and upon analyzing the tissue on this horn he came to a conclusion that Earth was not as old as described by the scientific community but it was young and approximately 4000 years old (Araujo, 2014). This was the reason behind the lawsuit filed against him as manager of the organization felt that he was mixing his Christian beliefs with his research.
CSUN officials believed that their discovery was superior and Earth was not that young as stated by Mark Armitage. He was continuing on his research by gathering information which could prove his findings. This, in turn, forced the management to take strict actions against Armitage by terminating his job tenure and appointing him only as a part-time worker. The organization wanted to give him more reasons to leave his job on his own as he was called to work for two hours per week.   Read More
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