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It is structured into six departments about the commodities that they produce and handle. These divisions are; financial service, electronics, automobiles, engineering,…
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HR Training Class
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Download file to see previous pages It employs more employees some of whom do not understand how maintain competition in the market. In relation of remaining relevant and competitive, our retail department in this company trains its employees in order to conform to this requirement. This approach benefits our employees by providing a clearly defined working culture in which employees have the necessary job satisfaction that enhances their productivity. The main concern of this training is to find out ways in which Al-Futtaim will expand into global retail through improved customers and employees relation. This will depend on the strategies and policies applied to the employees in relation to customer satisfaction. The policies and strategies will influence the employees. In relation to internationalization, a challenge on maintaining integrity, service and social responsibility is bound to arise Hipsher (2006).
The nature of the training will be descriptive. The description will focus on explaining the key issues of how and when to strategize the policies of the training. The information presented in the training will be on the strategies and policies availed from the existing and potential customers of this retail company. The information will assist in developing a roadmap to global retail expansion with special consideration on the strategies that the employees will be equipped.
The needs assessment for Al-Futtaim Retail Company gives the facilitators an opportunity to prepare adequate content to deliver to their expected audience. Inadequate number of employees is considered as a prerequisite to the training. The existence of web content with information containing this training may be reproduced for this training.
The achievement of an organization depends on a number of factors such as the internal organization and coordination between the management and their sub-ordinate staff. Needs assessment helps an organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HR Training Class Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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