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The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in how individual characteristics influence interpersonal behavior. This paper went an extra mile to summarize how behaviors affect performance in organizations…
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A Matter of Personality
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A Matter of Personality
1. The type of personality characteristics that a store manager should possess is that of a people-centered personality: sociable, accommodating, understanding, caring, and taking into perspective the needs and demands of both, the customers and the employees – with committed adherence to the policies and procedures explicitly defined by the store or by the organization. These traits and characteristics are important to ensure the manager’s success because these traits signify genuine interest in addressing the concerns, needs, and demands of customers and employees; two of the most important stakeholders in an organization. When compared to the personality of Wallace, it could be deduced that he is more of a task-oriented manager; who does not have any concern for the well-being and interests of his employees or of the customers. He was noted to exhibit the “personality of an army drill sergeant” [Cas111]. In addition, he was obviously not people-centered since he was described as uncaring, does not address the customers’ complaints, and does not even follow the policies of the organization, especially in terms of accommodating returns.
2. The personality of Wallace evidently demotivates employees. As noted, the employees do not care about Wallace as their store manager; meaning, they do not have any established professional bonds to respect or follow his ideals. In this regard, Wallace needs to exhibit a more people-oriented personality and leadership style; by affirming commitment to address their needs, interests and concerns, as well as that of their customers. If Wallace follows the advice of Sutterwhite and acknowledges that he needs to change; otherwise, he would lose his job, then, he could still change in a matter of three months. Otherwise, if he remains stubborn and thinks that his leadership style is correct; then, he would not be able to change in any defined time frame.
3. Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies take into account the feelings and emotions of the
stakeholders in the organization; and acknowledging that, by addressing their needs, it is for the
best interest of the organization since overall performance and productivity would increase. Therefore, Wallace should receive some professional development training, specifically in the area of EI, to enable him to enhance awareness on the subject and realize that by incorporating this in his leadership style, he would be able to address the needs and demands of both the customers and the employees – and ultimately, improve the rating and performance of his store.
4. The ability to change really depends on the person, as well as the drives that motivate him to work and keep his job. As noted, if Wallace remains stubborn, and he if is adamant that he is correct (meaning, he would not follow the policies of the store and the advice of Sutterwhite); then, he would definitely fail to change and would be fired. Otherwise, if he accepts that he needs to change, for the sake of saving his job and addressing the interests of the customers, the employees, and the organization which he serves; then, he could still succeed.
5. Sutterwhite is an effective manager and leader; as evidenced from her performance when she was the store manager at Wallace’s branch and by exhibiting professionalism in dealing with Wallace. She is definitely a people-centered manager. She exhibited traits of taking into account the concerns of customers and employees; as well as following the policies of the organization. As evident from the case, she initially observed the behavior of Wallace and took Wallace aside to explain to him what was observed to be wrong with the manner of dealing with the irate customer. Also, she took into account the views of the employees before advising Wallace that she is still giving him three months to improve his performance.
6. I learned that personality plays a crucial role in managing people. As evidenced from the characteristics and traits of Wallace, his personality stood in the way for performing well in the store setting. As such, if he remains to exhibit this type of personality and does not acknowledge that he needs to change, he would not be an effective manager in this type of work setting.
Cas111: , (Case: A Matter of Personality, 2011, p. 126), Read More
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