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Conceptions of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe and in Albania: Convergences and Divergences - Research Paper Example

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Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship concepts are relevant in human resource practice as they help in solving social challenges that come with development. Ideally, a social enterprise is an institution that applies business strategies so as to put into good use the…
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Conceptions of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe and in Albania: Convergences and Divergences
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Extract of sample "Conceptions of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe and in Albania: Convergences and Divergences"

Download file to see previous pages both cases, the principle focus is not on the improvement of the profit levels for an enterprise, but they focus on the achieving the environmental, cultural, and social goals that are mostly associated with non profit generating sectors of the economy (Lyons 27).
In the past, these concepts did not enjoy a wide application in the European countries, but they have gained momentum because of the advantages associated with applying these principles both to human resource management and to the society at large. The concept of social enterprise became operational in Europe in 1990 and spread slowly spread to other southern Europe states such as Italy through the social co-operatives law (Levi-Jakšić & Rakočević 1769). After the inception of this practice, many institutions have engaged in research aimed at expounding on these concepts and have also conducted trainings on how to apply these practices so as to improve social enterprise and social entrepreneurship knowledge. With this background, this essay will delve on the conceptions of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe and in Albania with a key focus on the Convergences and Divergences.
Ideally, the inception of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship drew influence from the existing high rates of unemployment that was persistent in many European countries and the need for formulating integration policies that would overshadow the traditional ones that had given rise to many social challenges in Europe. In essence, social participants and workers saw the need for formulating public policy schemes that would handle the increasing unemployment rates, poorly-qualified people and the exclusion of certain groups of people in the labour market (Borzaga & Defourny 133). Therefore, the introduction of this resulted to the training of the unemployed population because the unemployment crisis had begun to affect public finances, which was not good for these economies (OECD & EC 4).
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