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Problems and Risks Exposed to the Boiler Operators - Assignment Example

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The article “Problems and Risks Exposed to the Boiler Operators” aims at establishing the different dangers and risks that workers are exposed to from the use of boiler wood-fire as a utility in the production of steam for energy production in most of the small industries…
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Problems and Risks Exposed to the Boiler Operators
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"Problems and Risks Exposed to the Boiler Operators"

Download file to see previous pages The people that are mostly subjected to these risks are the physical laborers employed as boiler operators and the study is based in Brazilian industries where the use of boilers is most common than in any other nation. The operators of the boilers are exposed to a number of health risks and problems that include: pains of different intensity in the body, muscle fatigue and diseases resulting from the heavy weight and exposure to heat.
Moreover, the utilizing of the boiler implies various types of accidents such as burns, injuries, fires, and explosions; additionally, there is the increase of heart rate of the operator exposed to the excessive heat which occurs due to heat exchanges between the body and the environment leading to blood in the heart.
A number of factors and parameters that are considered in the article; basically, the key aspects put first in this situation included the main risks of activities in the boiler which circled around the burns, pains and other injuries, factors that lead to the increased heart rate and how they can be eliminated, influence of thermal overload in the human body, and the physical workload where the boiler operators are forced to lift heavy loads due to the lack of proper mechanization which also has adverse effects that deteriorate the health especially when one puts into consideration that this takes place in a working condition that has excessive heat.
Generally, the different factors were evaluated in a boiler where a thorough study was conducted; furthermore, there were a number of instruments that were used in the study i.e. a heart rate monitor, a digital chronometer, a wet-bulb globe thermometer (WBGT), a tape measure and a digital infrared camera.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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