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1. The Employment Equity Act- this legislation ensures that the available job opportunities for some specific groups such as the disabled, women, members of visible minorities and Aboriginal people are improved. This will ensure that they are fully represented thus fight for any…
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Ip5 hhrr
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Legislations Lecturer: Legislations dealing with discrimination in promotion and hiring The Employment Equity Act- this legislation ensures that the available job opportunities for some specific groups such as the disabled, women, members of visible minorities and Aboriginal people are improved. This will ensure that they are fully represented thus fight for any position indiscriminately (Steven, 2013).
Advantages of the employment equity act
The act promotes equity in the place of work so that nobody is deprived of job opportunities or profits for unrelated reasons.
It corrects the situation of shortcoming in employment by creating awareness to the principles that equality at the work place is more than handling people equally but also needs exceptional methods and acceptance of the differences (Steven, 2013).
Disadvantage of the employment equity act
It requires various steps to be followed hence committing the individuals to comply with the philosophy and spirit of the act, not because equity of employment is required by the law but because job equity is necessary.
2. The Canadian Human Rights Act- the act provides the right to equal job opportunities irrespective of ethnic or national region, race, marital status, religion, gender or dependence on drugs and alcohol (Appleby, 2007). Therefore, the act protects the employee from taking any form of discrimination especially when seeking promotion or placement.
Advantages of the Act
Employment: An individual cannot be released from a job or deprived of employment as a result of personal characteristics that can be accommodated or does not affect the performance on the job.
Equal salary: Employees should be given equal pay for jobs of equal value. The employer should not pay the male employee higher than the female employee for doing a job of equivalent value (Appleby, 2007).
The act permits an employer to get involved in practices that treat others differently, but can nonetheless be sufficiently vindicated i.e. the act is not clear about prohibition against discrimination. Instead, a person may get involved in inequitable practices if they can exhibit relevant reasons or cause of doing it (Steven, 2013).
Appleby, G. (2007). Harassment and Discrimination: And Other Workplace Landmines. Sydney: Entrepreneur Press.
Steven, E. M. (2013). Deviant and Criminal Behavior in the Workplace. NY: NYU Press. Read More
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Ip5 Hhrr Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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