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Contemporary Studies in Human Resource Management - Book Report/Review Example

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Despite the advances in detection techniques and treatment of cancer, breast cancer remains the most common malignancy among women, and one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality. One of the biomarkers discovered in relation to breast cancer is p53 that has necessitated…
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Contemporary Studies in Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages The main aim of this study was finding biomarkers associated with P53 status in Breast Cancer; Mutant or Wild Type, and how the status influences a biomarkers pathways.
Data was obtained from the array express. The sample of 312 female patients with breast cancer tissues was available for analysis. The criteria for entrance to the project were T1-3 breast cancer having Mo-status. The data was validated using A PCR data validation technique whereby cDNA is synthesized using mRNA molecules available in the sample that is then amplified exponentially by a combination of gene-particular primers, the DNA polymerase enzyme and labeled nucleotides, hypothetically doubling the cDNA amount at each cycle (Rohan1, et al., 2006). The data was then processed through microarray analysis and ANN. The findings were visualized through cytoscape.
Biomarkers associated with p53 status include the following: p53K373ac, P53 K386ac, hMOF, H3K9me3, SUV39H1 and H3K9me3. Both the cluster biomarkers and non-cluster biomarkers have also been found to be associated with favorable results of a patient in Kaplan-Meier survival analysis. Other biomarkers associated with p53 status include histone variant H2A.Z as well as its hyper acetylated form of H2A. Z that is correlated with status of Estrogen Receptor of the tumors, which is consistent with a report which the gene encoding this histone variation is estrogen-regulated. The biomarkers associated with p53 status in breast cancer have the potential for finding reliable solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
Biomarkers associated with p53 status in breast cancer have the potential of enhancing diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. These biomarkers include: p53K373ac, P53 K386ac, hMOF, H3K9me3, SUV39H1 and H3K9me3. Both the cluster biomarkers and non-cluster biomarkers have also been found to be associated with favorable results of a patient in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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