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This kind of inacceptable conduct leads to a feeling of repugnance and detestation towards the person who does and a feeling of disgrace towards the individual who is victimized. This kind of issues…
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Download file to see previous pages The employees at all levels have a major part to play in this regard and they should take the collective effort to prevent any such situation in the organization. If any such situation arises in any organization then the management of the organization has to pay a very high price for that in terms of legal compensation or the ruining of the reputation of the company (Decenzo, 2013). Thus it is important to understand the issue from the perspective of the employees and that of the victims and how it can be prevented or dealt with in case any such situation arises.
Since prevention is always better than cure hence the employer or the managers should always take a necessary step to prevent the occurrence of any such situation. They should ensure that there is no gender discrimination and every individual working in the organization should have respect for the sexual orientation of the fellow colleagues. The managers should implement a policy such that any such situation can be prevented and the code of conduct that the employees should follow in the organization should be mentioned to all the employees working (Paludi and Paludi 2003). The employees should be aware of the actions and legal steps that would be taken against the person who would commit such a belittling crime. In case such an incident occurs immediate investigation and timely action needs to be taken against the person committing the crime. The company in no way should try to safeguard such an employee even if he holds some high position in office.
The employees of a company also have the duty to ensure that there is no prevailing hostility in the environment of their particular department. If an employee is apprehensive about the behavior of any co worker then the person should immediately report it to the higher management and seek for corrective action. Immediate action has to be taken by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HUMAN RESOURCE RESEARCH PAPERS Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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