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Evaluation and presentation - Assignment Example

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The procedure is based on the set of some evaluation techniques that checks the effectiveness and efficiency of the interface, and reviews its fulfillment with well-known documented principles presented by Heuristic. It works with the objective of identifying issues while using…
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Evaluation and presentation
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Download file to see previous pages So the companies prefer to use this method because of its flexibility in its frame and works according to the company’s demand.
It is the duty of the system to keep inform the user about every action which is being taken against the user’s request, by giving proper response in the form of feedback in an accepted time period. This information keeps the user interactive with the system at each step which is being taken.
The language used by the system should be understandable to the user. Instead of using the system’s language terminologies it should use those words, concepts and phrases which users are familiar with. The set of information should be designed in such manner that would show in natural and logical sequence. So the user would easily understand the frames and interpret the information or situation quickly.
Most of the time users make mistakes while using the applications in speed so they want to leave the unwanted page without viewing the complete information. The option of emergency exit should be given to save the precious time of the user. This application will let the user to come out easily from an unwanted situation occurred by mistake.
Different type of words, concepts and actions should not be given which creates doubt for the user in relating the situations in sequence. It should chase the usual platforms and make a consistent usage in applications without creating any hurdle.
The system should be designed with a consideration of identifying the error occurring messages at the initial stage. Also it should eliminate those conditions which cause errors or check for the user. The option of confirmation should be given to users before they get committed with any action. This option will contain the user on the right path without committing with errors and also without wasting the time.
It is necessary to display the visibility of those actions, objects and options which minimize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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