Production Efficiency under the impact of Employee Training - Research Proposal Example

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This research paper “Production Efficiency under the impact of Employee Training” is based on determining the impact that three critical variables of human resource management i.e. employee training, attitude and wages have on production efficiency…
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Production Efficiency under the impact of Employee Training
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Extract of sample "Production Efficiency under the impact of Employee Training"

Production Efficiency under the impact of Employee Training

1. Introduction
Though the subject of human resource management is as vast of a science in itself as may be economics, though the author of Freakonomics agree that economics is all about rewards, which makes it a subset of human resource management, but the subject of human resource management in itself has a lot of concentration centric towards rewards, let it be monetary or otherwise. This research paper is based on determining the impact that three critical variables of human resource management i.e. employee training, attitude and wages have on production efficiency. For this purpose, an experimental research has been established that would be discussed in the forth coming chapters of this assignment.

2. Literature Review
2.1 Background
Researches reveal that production efficiency (referred to as efficiency further on in this assignment), is significantly influenced by the variation in employee training, attitudes, and wages that employees receive. Conveniently concluding the discussion, as analyzed from the various literatures, it will not be wrong to suggest that:

Training would lead to enhanced productivity levels
Training would lead to attitude adjustment, in turn enhancing efficiency
Wages have always acted as a rewarding technique for enhancing efficacy levels

Over the years, researches reveal that these variables though are effective in enhancing the production efficiency, but each has a particular threshold level, beyond which, the concepts of diminishing returns start taking over. As this literature review moves on, it can be seen how valid this argument is prior to proceeding with the primary research about the same. It is worth mentioning here that the three impacts under consideration have been title of various human resource management books, which goes to show the depth of matter available on these; however, this research, due to constraints of time and other resources, has tried to gather a crux of these literatures.

2.2 Impact of Employee Training on Production Efficiency

2.3 Impact of Employee Attitude on Production Efficiency

2.4 Impact of Employee Wages on Production Efficiency

2.5 More Researches

3. Theoretical Framework

4. Hypotheses

5. Methods

6. Data Analysis & Results

7. Conclusions & Recommendations

8. Ethics & Business Research

9. Limitations

10. Reference List

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