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Maintain the Profitability of the Cinema - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, the author demonstrates how Human Resource Department designs a recruitment process to hire a candidate suitable for the position of cinema manager containing important features required to do the job efficiently. Also, the author describes several steps r hiring a cinema manager…
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Maintain the Profitability of the Cinema
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Extract of sample "Maintain the Profitability of the Cinema"

Download file to see previous pages A cinema manager requires a much-diversified personality to handle the programs of the cinema, customers, and employees of the company. Along with his set of responsibilities, the cinema manager requires to conduct marketing so that more people visit the place.  He also requires handling budget affairs to ensure that the highest quality of the film is depicted along with its availability and the response it is getting from the audience. (Kleynhans, 2006)The role and responsibility of the passionate candidate will be as follows;
The manager requires, being able to lead all the operations of the cinema. He is required to plan, develop and initiate such programs through which the cinema can advertise movies. He should also be required to recruit and train the staff which is under his control and also manages shifts and payment of the staff. The budget of the cinema is also in its control. The manager also needs to ensure that all the staff pertaining in the company are met with health and safety regulations in the venue, and there are facilities provided to the staff if they are inhibiting any issues (Kleynhans, 2006).
The cinema manager requires being able to have collaboration with the different representatives in the community to promote films in the local society. He should be aware of the upcoming movies, the demand of the audience people in general. Through these collaborations with the audience and community, the cinema manager can ensure that people get the opportunity to view the movies which are in demand and a target can also be set by these people to watch a particular movie every month or year (Cooper, Ivan, & Tinline, 2003).
The cinema manager requires promoting films through events at the cinema. This can be done by hosting the films at the cinema, especially introducing film premiers and other film festivals that will be able to promote films (Edenborough, 2007).
It is the responsibility of the cinema manager to deal with the inquiries of the audience or the press relating cinema. The manager should be able to solve any issues or complaints regarding an attribute of the screening. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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