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Eldercare: A Literature Review Name University Date Eldercare: A Literature Review Eldercare, also aged care is the fulfillment of the special requirements and needs unique to the elderly, senior citizens. Eldercare comprises of services such as adult day care, nursing homes, assisted living, hospice care, long term care, and home care…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to provide a synthesis of academic/scholarly literature written on work-life initiative, and give a literature review on the work-life initiative. This paper will focus on eldercare as a work-life initiative. Traditionally, elderly care is a responsibility of members of a family, and is provided in the homes of the extended family. However, in modern states, care for the elderly is provided by charitable institutions or state. This is due to the decreasing size of families, geographical dispersion of families, greater life expectancy, and tendency of women to work outside homes and access to education. Various countries provide differing forms of elderly care, rapidly changing. This is because there are various regional differences regarding taking care of the elderly. It has been noted that globally that elderly care consume majority of health expenditures compared to other age groups. Increasing large proportion of the elderly has also been accounted for globally (Petterson, Donnersvard, Lagerstrom & Toomingas, 2006). In most of the western countries, facilities of elderly care are within residential family care homes, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes, and freestanding assisted living facilities. These facilities have supervisory and support staff that provide board and room, rehabilitation services, and personal care in a family environment. Evidence shows that eldercare programs are a care service that provides free, confidential assistance to senior citizens: the elderly. The programs offer a wide range of services including informative lectures and workshops; confidential, free counseling, assessment, consultation, and referral to both long distance and local facilities; and periodic group meetings with caregiver support (Denton, 2012). There are different benefits of eldercare initiatives depending on different countries. However, in most western nations, senior citizens receive social security and eldercare benefits. Social security and Medicare are long term benefits that the elderly receive. Receiving such benefits often begin at 65 and continue until death. This is a long time approach paid out in many years (Ansah, Matchar, Love, Malhotra, Chan & Eberlein, 2013). Eldercare services are normally paid for by the working class. Money is taken out of every paycheck until the retirement age when such people begin to receive money every month to survive on. Senior citizens make the majority of those receiving social security. This is termed as elder care benefit and benefits people who live up to the qualified age to receive it. Long term eldercare is a relief to the population of senior citizens as it lasts for years of receiving monthly payment to live on. However, government has a way to ensure beneficiaries qualify for the benefits (Ansah, Matchar, Love, Malhotra, Chan & Eberlein, 2013). Apart from social security, there are other long term benefits that come with the eldercare program. Programs like Medicare and Medicaid are available to the elderly at the age of retirement. These two programs supplement the eldercare program with accessible and affordable health programs, and limited co-pay. The programs help the elderly with all sorts of care they require so as to live and keep their places of living without ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HRD Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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