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Metrics - Research Paper Example

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Metrics Introduction A Human Resource (HR) metrics is often regarded as a tool or means, which is used to access or analyse various operational aspects within an organisation. The data acquired with the help of this tool is further used as a criterion, on the basis of which certain specific decisions are taken within an organisation…
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, the company would implement the HR metrics in order to develop proper total reward program (Carlson & Kavanagh, 2013). This paper would illustrate the various crucial metrics that will enable Amazon Inc to depict the potential employees to be rewarded under the total rewards program of the organisation. Contextually, the organisation will implement human capital value added metrics, turnover cost, prorating merit increases and absence rate among others. Discussion A company cannot be able to operate efficiently in the absence of a dedicated and efficient workforce. Contextually, this aspect influences them to encourage employees with rewards of various kinds under their total rewards programs. In this stand, it will further enable them to have maximum retention and satisfaction of workforce. Amazon Inc employs thousands of employees, for executing its operations worldwide. Correspondingly, a total rewards program will need to be developed with the help of the result obtained from the computation of various HR metrics. The first HR metrics that needs to be computed is the rate of absence in Amazon. Measuring the rate of absenteeism among the employees will enable the organisation to depict its current position with regard to employee health and other aspects that led to increased absenteeism. It would also be vital to mention that increased percentage of absence rate will directly impact the productivity, efficiency and quality of work of an organisation in a negative manner. The metrics of absence rate will enable the company to acquire data about the present rate of absence in the organisation along with the reason for same. It has been noted that, augmented rate of employee absence is at times owing to the reason of lack of satisfaction among the employees which, further arise from lack of proper reward. Hence, Amazon Inc would be able to design the total reward program with regard to overcoming the reason that leads to dissatisfaction of the employees (Hauser & Katz, 1998). Subsequently, the company will also require calculating the HR metrics of Human capital value added with regard to developing a proper reward program. Analysis of these matrices will enable the company to acquire data regarding the value added by an employee to the organisation. In this stand, this metrics will further enable the company to frame its total reward strategy in accordance to the value each and every employee ensures for the organisation. Additionally, with the computation of the prorating merit increases metrics of Amazon Inc., it will enable the organization to acquire data that will ensure hike to be given to an employee depending on the tenure of his/her work with the organisation. This analysis would be valuable for the company in order to determine the total reward program for the employees working within the company (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2011). Correspondingly, in addition to these aspects, Amazon Inc. might also implement the HR matrices of turnover cost, which will enable them to know about the loss that the company incurred by losing a particular employee. These matrices will also depict the cost, which the company invested on recruitment, selection and training needs of an employee. Subsequently, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?Running Head: Benchmarking Benchmarking [Institute’s BENCHMARKING KEY MEASURES AND METRICS Measure: Incident Handling Metric = (Total number of incidents fixed / Total number of incidents reported) * 100 Strength and Weaknesses of Incident Handling Incident management will check the value of the logged statistics as well as the resolution data sent to employees (Sanderson, 2003, p. 72), they should have the power to open calls again where the resolution data is not enough or unsuitable and pursue this up with the concerned representatives (Czegel, 1998-ii, p. 90). The main objective of Incident Management is to develop the value of service given to the IT clientele. Part of this deals with the employee satisfaction analysis. Having...
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