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Choose at least two cases of international M&As of varying degrees of success and analyse how HR might have made a difference - Essay Example

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Choose at least two cases of international M&As of varying degrees of success and analyse how HR might have made a difference Contents Contents 2 Defining Merger and Acquisition 3 Rationale for entering into M&A 4 Challenges in M&A 5 HR Challenges in International M&A 5 Case Studies: International M&A with varying success levels and role of HR 7 UK based BP Plc and US based Amoco 7 Possible HR Interventions 8 UK based Shell Transport and Trading Company and Netherlands based Royal Dutch Petroleum Company 9 Possible HR Interventions 10 References 11 Bibliography 12 Defining Merger and Acquisition Merger and acquisition is a form of strategic alliance formed between two or more companies throug…
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Choose at least two cases of international M&As of varying degrees of success and analyse how HR might have made a difference
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Download file to see previous pages In case of a merger, the two companies that get merged enter into a mutual agreement of forming a mixed company that exists as the sole entity. The activity of merger is a form of strategic alliance which results in the formation of a single entity. There are no other entities created as a result of the merger. There is a light difference between the mergers and the acquisitions. In cases of an acquisition, the buying company takes over another company and gains control over the entire assets and the liabilities of the company that it has taken over. The acquirer controls the operations and administration of the newly formed entity as a result of acquisition. However, the target entity or the entity that has been acquired exists as a separate entity whose stakes are controlled by the acquirer (Gregoriou and Renneboog, 2007, p.68). The cases of international merger and acquisition are on the rise. ...
the return on investments due to the share of expertise of the two entities in exploring the international market opportunities (Gaughan, 2007, p.35). Rationale for entering into M&A There are valid reasons for which the companies enter into international mergers and acquisitions. The rationale for the companies to enter into international merger and acquisitions are explained as follows. The companies operate in the domestic as well as foreign markets with a profit motive (Angwin, 2007, p.50). The various aspects of operation, marketing and sales, allocation of resources, planning and implementation are driven by the profit motives of the companies. Due to the saturation of the local markets and the need for expansion of the business for future growth leads to envisaging spreads of operations of the international markets. The impacts of globalization and the incentives offered for investments by the international companies lead to the plan of entering into international mergers and acquisitions (Sudi, 2003, p.36). The major reasons of opting for international mergers and acquisitions are mainly due to the consideration of returns against the possible risks in international mergers and acquisitions. The companies targeting international markets due to the potential demand of their products and services may not be conversant with the market characteristics and the local people. The political conditions of the international markets, fluctuation of economic conditions and the legal intricacies are the possible risk exposure of the companies. For this reason, the entities look for counter parts which have expertise in their probable areas of risk. On the other hand, the company offers its area of expertise in the field of product innovation, technology transfers, customer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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