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The benefits of training bank officials in Ethiopia - Dissertation Example

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The aim of the paper “The benefits of training bank officials in Ethiopia” is to recommend a suitable strategy for an effective training program for bank employees in Ethiopia, three objectives were set and achieved through qualitative secondary analysis of data…
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The benefits of training bank officials in Ethiopia
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Extract of sample "The benefits of training bank officials in Ethiopia"

Download file to see previous pages Studies on the banking sector in Ethiopia reveal consistent findings that service expectations of customers do not match perceived performance. Thus, with the aim to recommend a suitable strategy for an effective training program for bank employees in Ethiopia, three objectives were set in Chapter I. All three objectives have been achieved through qualitative secondary analysis of data. Several benefits of training have been identified which include enhancement of knowledge and skills, motivation and retention of employees, open and honest communication and promotion of the interpersonal relationship. Training can improve service quality, spur growth and impact productivity. Shortcomings among bank staff have been identified through studies conducted by other researchers in Ethiopian banks. These include lack of soft skills among employees, lack of product-specific knowledge and skills. The level of education of employees is also not known which could impact the outcome. Based on the short comings and the literature and theories on training, factors that could contribute towards an effective training program on Ethiopia have been evaluated. These include evaluation of training needs which would have to be based on organizational mission and goals. In addition, training should be an ongoing process and should be kept in-house, while continuous monitoring and evaluation of the training interventions have also been found to be necessary. (Donovan, Hannigan & Crowe, 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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