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Interview with HRD Professional Interview with HRD Professional SALEM: What were the primary purposes for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings? HR MANAGER: Indeed, one of the primary reasons for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings is doing justice to the many resources used for the evaluation…
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Interview with HRD professional
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Interview with HRD Professional Interview with HRD Professional SALEM: What were the primary purposes for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings? HR MANAGER: Indeed, one of the primary reasons for communicating and reporting the evaluation findings is doing justice to the many resources used for the evaluation. Thus, communicating and reporting the evaluations is an act of accountability. Moreover, communicating and reporting had an aim of generating interest among all stakeholders as well as serving the company’s public relations needs. Indeed, the communication and reporting ensured the goodwill of the company. Additionally, it was to reveal what the management has done in terms of evaluation and whether the evaluation has been effective. At the same time, the communication and reporting sought to define how best to address the needs of the company and establish what is worth implementing in the company’s policy. The reporting also aimed at defining the performance expectations of the management, employees, and the company at large as well as explaining the important quality elements of the company. It also helps in making various company decisions as well as creating a clear understanding of the company’s position, which the reporting explained effectively. The communication and reporting equally had a primary purpose of defining the company’s goals and the future objectives. It also manifests the lessons learned from the evaluation with a view of making possible corrections. Notably, this information could also be important for other evaluators and project managers as well as exposing a unique situation in the industry. Most importantly, this was to serve the stakeholder’s and other audience’s needs as provided in the company’s policy. Ultimately, the communication and reporting was to serve the purpose of availing the most detailed and accurate information about the evaluation. SALEM: To whom did you communicate the findings? HR MANAGER: I communicated the findings to all stakeholders of the company and the public through the media. The stakeholders included the shareholders, directors, our suppliers, customers, employees, and the management. SALEM: Was timing of the communication and evaluation reports considered? Please explain. HR MANAGER: Indeed, we considered time in communicating and reporting the evaluation findings. This was specifically because the evaluation process has a timeframe and the stakeholders had an expectation that we will meet this deadline. Moreover, we had to communicate and report the evaluation findings in time for the Annual General Meeting to allow the stakeholders to consider the results for possible adoption. We also considered the time that will give the report a huge audience and comply with the government’s regulations. Additionally, there was consideration of the life cycle of the program as well as the issue under evaluation. Most certainly, there was an impeding decision that that the evaluation was supposed to inform. As such, the timing for that decision established the time line for evaluation and communication of the evaluation results. SALEM: Please describe the format your organization used to communicate the evaluation findings. HR MANAGER: We had to define the objectives of the communication, define the audience, define the goals, and establish a timetable. Indeed, we carried out an analysis of the audience to establish what they already know, their misconceptions, their sources of information, and who deserves the first priority in the communication. We also analyzed the public concern on the communication, the message, the channel of communication, the source of presentation, the mode of monitoring the communication, and the mode of addressing feedbacks. Overall, we analyzed the effectiveness of the communication. As such, we described the project under evaluation with reference to its goals, target audience, and the activities thereof. We then carried out an overview of the evaluation questions and then described the evaluation participants with reference to size and applied strategies. Then we explained the methods and procedures of collecting and analyzing the results. We then highlighted the strengths and weakness of the evaluation and then presented the evaluation results. Ultimately, we made relevant conclusions and recommendation regarding the evaluation results. We then communicated the evaluation report to the employees through an internal memo, communicated the same to the customers and the public through the print media, and communicated the same to the directors, shareholders, and the management in the Annual General Meeting. We then established a response team to address the feedbacks from the communication. SALEM: In retrospect, would you take a different course of action for communicating the findings of the evaluation report? HR MANAGER: Indeed, in retrospect in would have taken a different course of action for communicating the findings of the evaluation report. This is because of the difference in channels of communication, public concerns, mode of monitoring the communication, and the mode of addressing feedbacks, and the differences in the source of presentation. Read More
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