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Regulations Impacting Human Recourses Management - Assignment Example

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The human resource department is important in every major organization. The department is crucial in ensuring that the organization is well staffed with the right employees.The paper will look at the current regulations impacting on the human resource management in the healthcare sector…
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Regulations Impacting Human Recourses Management
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Download file to see previous pages The human resource in health care organization is required to outline the qualifications and performance prospects for all its employees. They are also expected to provide encouragement to employees to engage in self-development and pursue further education. (Joint Commission Resources, Inc, 2003).
Score HR requirements in healthcare, as defined by JCAHO
Scoring is based on standards and certain requirements pertinent to the quality and safety of healthcare provided to patients. JCAHO ensures that standard compliance scoring is reflective of the health care organization’s performance with regard to JCAHO’s set standards and elements of performance and transparency. The process should be understood by everyone involved and is based on the principle that certain standards are vital or at times have a direct impact on patients (Staff, JCAHO and Joint Commission Resources, 2004).
According to JCAHJO, standards are scored taking into consideration the compliance score of every element of performance (Staff, Jcaho and Joint commission resources (2004). It is a requirement that before the HR department can determine its compliance with the standards, it must score its compliance with the elements of performance first. Scoring is categorized into A, B, and C. In each category, the organization must ensure that its element of performance meets its performance expectations. The elements of performance are usually scored on three scales; 0, signifies insufficient compliance; 1 signifies partial compliance; and 2 is set for satisfactory compliance. Organizations rating with regard to the requirements
Our hospital currently has a rating of ‘1’ since it has only partially complied with the requirements of JCAHO. This is due to the fact that the hospital’s human resource department is still in the process of trying to define the qualification and performance of its employees. Our human resource department has also not completed the process of employing the required number of staff with requisite qualifications.
Affirmative action in healthcare
In every organization, equal employment opportunities should be presented to everyone without discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion, color, sexual orientation, disability or national origin in so far as they meet the required standards. With affirmative action, however, the underrepresented group(s) is given due consideration with a view of countering the effects of historical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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